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  Bucksboy 18:38 02 Oct 2003

Have fitted Gigabyte KT600-L mother board in Caenturion case. Switch on Pc, get one beep. Stays on for several minutes I then get 5continuous beeps and PC shuts down. Have even got as far as installing Windows 98 and formatting disk before shut down occurs. Screen shows Award when starting up. Ay suggestiond please.

  AMD 4 ever 19:11 02 Oct 2003

Take it to this guy in Bucks. ARBS Systems and Upgrades..he is excellent!

  MjM Hellfire 19:15 02 Oct 2003

You may have a RAM problem or incompatibility.

  Gongoozler 19:18 02 Oct 2003

Hi Bucksboy. Error beeps and shutdown after a few minutes almost certainly signifies a heating problem. Most other failures would probably happen much more quickly. Check that the processor heatsink is seated properly. See here for the meaning of the beep error codes click here

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