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  laurie53 22:00 22 Mar 2007

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As an indirect result of my memory problems, or rather, my computer's memory problems, I've decided to have a crack at "build your own"!

Any suggestions as to books/ sites?

I've done memory, hard drives, disc drives, cards etc. even a PSU, but never all at once of course!

I've no real concerns bolting it all together, wrist straps, cooling, etc. but what I don't actually know is what to look for in a case, processor, motherboard etc. Not too bad with memory or hard disk etc. the more the better, but there's no point in getting a state of the art dual core processor and only using a quarter of its potential.

I'm not into big graphics or gaming. Apart from normal household chores, digital photo processing and the occasional radio download are my main areas of activity, so I presumably need "mid range" but what is mid range?

Only doing this for fun, and even if the whole thing ends up in the skip it will have helped stave off senility for a bit longer! It would be nice to post an update in a month or so written and sent on a home build though!

Any help appreciated


  a.nonymous 22:31 22 Mar 2007

what sort of budget are you on?

  Ashrich 22:36 22 Mar 2007

Do you have some kind of price point ? Without that it would be too easy to just throw money at it and get something that is no more functional for your needs/wants than a budget machine . Would you prefer a really quiet PC ? Cool running ? New components or Second user . Newer processors run much cooler now that ever before so if you can match say an AMD Sempron socket 939 with a reasonably cheap Motherboard ( as it is non critical maybe ASRock or Foxconn ) matched with 1GB of DDR400 , and 80GB hard drive and a graphics card with heat sinks but no fan and a decent case that takes larger ( 120mm ) slower case fans wouldn't cost too much at all, top that off with something like an Arctic Cooling Freezer HSF for a cheap quiet system for about £250 odd . I suggested socket 939 as DDR400 memory is quite cheap at the moment . I have roughly priced this with new components , eBay could probably bring this down a bit further .


  a.nonymous 22:44 22 Mar 2007

yeh that seems pretty good. out of interest are you gonna use xp or vista

  citadel 22:49 22 Mar 2007

get a good case with plenty of room as this makes it easier to work on, plus a decent psu.

  woodchip 22:53 22 Mar 2007
  RobCharles1981 22:53 22 Mar 2007

In the next few weeks I'm upgrading to AM2 Dual Core:

AMD 5600 2.8
2GIG PC2 6400 Ram
ASUS Crosshair Gaming Motherboard
Antec 900 Gaming Case

Around £580

  laurie53 05:55 23 Mar 2007

Budget £250 - £500, the lower the better obviously, as it is mainly a fun project.

Not too bothered about silent running, particularly since I don't hear much above 12 kHz anyway!

New components, except I might use my old graphics and sound cards (Matrox Millenium, quite old now but probably adequate, and Creative Live 5, again probably adequate for a non-critical project).

I'll probably continue with XP, since I'm lucky enough to have a full installation CD

I'll look at the suggestions, for which many thanks, but I think Rob's motherboard is more than I need, and it's right at the top of my budget


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