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  mosfet 21:37 03 Aug 2003

I would like to build my own PC.At first thought a low priced one for the first,but this would really be a waste.So, I'm not a gamer or into sounds but do a lot of imaging.I would like stability mainly,not the latest or fastest but a quality machine.Maybe an Athlon 2700 (by what I've read.)I often have to wait for my cpu to catch up on some tasks in imaging.I would be very grateful for advice.Namely--cpu mobo ram hd.At the moment I have P3 1g 512ram on w98se which I'd really like to stay with (98 I mean).You are the only people I trust.
Thanks Les

  madPentium 21:52 03 Aug 2003

I think you will get a lot of variation from that kind of question, people will obviously go by what they have found to be stable.
Personally, I would go for a 800mhz FSB Asus motherboard with a gig of ram. A p4 processor, probably a 2.6 will suffice and are relatively cheap now. Hard drive hmmm well I prefer maxtor but the new sata hard drives are damn fast but a little expensive still. The new Asus mobos work very well with these drives. If you are doing imaging then a good graphics card would be nice as you want the colour on the screen to be as close as possible to your scanner and printer.
A cd-writer to backup all your images is also a hot item on your list. If you think your hardware would suffer with winxp as in the way of driver availability, stay with 98se, but if drivers are available, go with XP as it is far more stable with new computer technology.
Also, go for a nice quality power supply, not a cheapo 200watts job. Good smooth power aids to a stable system.

  Gaz 25 21:52 03 Aug 2003

I would say build around a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP-A mobo.

512Mb is fine, DDR is even better. You could have 333 DDR too for a little more speed.

Anywhere from a 2400+ to a 2800+ will be Ok but watch out on a first build, if you blow it that is money is smoke!

80Gb HDD are more than enough for most users.

I would suggest make the change to XP as 98 does not like any more than 512Mb or very fast processors.

Good luck.


  Gaz 25 21:55 03 Aug 2003

If you want a PSU to last spend on a quality 400Watt and no less than 350Watt.

  Esso43 22:02 03 Aug 2003

I would agree with Gaz 25 above.

For what you are looking for you may need a larger HDD but the difference between 80gb and say 120gb is not that much in cost terms.

I would advise xp. It may have some differences interface wise from 98se, but it is much more stable and can be mannually adjusted fairly easily.

I did a build your own about 26 months ago and spent the time checking compatibility between components.

My errors were I didn't spend enough time checking the mobo I would now get the best one of those you can afford (the one Gaz mentioned appears a good one) and I ignored noise!!! which was a bigish mistake as I would now like to keep the think on all the time and run as server and it is just tooo loud!

  Esso43 22:06 03 Aug 2003

Oh yeh forgot to mention:

only two upgrades in that time a graphics card ( I like some gaming and I bought a value one at the time which is still good but some of teh games I like require more dedicated memory) and a card with firewire and USB 2 ( which I think are both on the mobo Gaz mentioned).

I had no problems with the build and it worked first time.

Took much longer to add all my old software.

  DieSse 22:18 03 Aug 2003

If ypu want a nice easy systm build - no messing with jumper settings, proper auto-detects for processor and RAM speeds, do waht madpentium suggets, and build a P4 system.

Use the latset 800fsb motherboard with an 865 chipset. And use the latest C model processor, for the 800fsb speed 8the others will work just as well though.

Toms Hardware says the 2.8GHzC is the best buy - not worth paying the extra for the top speed.

Personally I would have thought 512MB DDRRAM is fine - make sure you get first grade (known brand) for maximum reliability. The 800fsb board will support up to 400MHz and dual banked, if you want to squeeze the most out of it.

A GeF4 FX5600 graphics card, and a 7200rpm 80Gb drive should see you OK - and stick with the on-board sound - no need to spend more.

  Gaz 25 22:19 03 Aug 2003

I would suggest then:

Gigabyte Mobo GA-7VAXP-A F/W, USB2, 6 CH SND, RAID, 333 FSB and 400DDR.

Athlon XP 2500+ or above but be careful on first build!

512Mb DDR 333

120Gb HDD

GeForce TI4800 or FX5600/5800

  DieSse 22:21 03 Aug 2003

Forgot to say, you'll love the extra stability and general all-round goodness of XP.

Just as a for-instance - got a new camera the other day - plugged it into the USB port - in 10secs or so, it was recognised, setup and I could copy pictures from it. No software, no messing - just what computing should be like.

  Gaz 25 22:33 03 Aug 2003

Here is info on the Gigabyte mobo: click here

If you want a Intel this one might suit your fancy: click here

It has everything.

Or an asus! click here

  woodchip 22:33 03 Aug 2003

Check thes out to see if they are any good click here

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