build my own website for photography

  ballyboy 15:54 27 Dec 2012

hi everyone merry xmas and a happy new yr,i am looking for some direction,i would like to set up a web page that show off my photos and any tips that i wish to pass on along with the opportunity to buy it better to go to a paid site or it there something that i can do for free as this is only a hobby.Any advice or help would be brilliant thanks allastaire

  Vain 13:48 28 Dec 2012

You can have free online portfolio websites, such as DeviantArt or Shadow or Behanced. They give you your own page where you can post your photos and even sell them, each sale you get a percentage.

If you have the money, you can buy a domain (yearly fee) and a host (monthly fee) and do it that way. But then you would have to find a printer and work with them to sell prints. Then you have to deal with shipping as well. So it's a bit of work.

  haileehb 02:01 11 Jan 2013

I am proud to let you know about the brand new Niche Video Site Builder version JP & Dan just released

In a nutshell:

1- online brander / builder: no more files to download and configure. Point, click, fill in some fields and you're done

Watch the Online Builder demo video here:

Some more features: - All pages are cached from improved performance and SEO

and the most wanted one:


  • Ability to easily add content to your video website!

We found a way to make it super easy for you to add content.

Watch the demo video here:

Basically, all you need to do is drop your txt articles into a folder and a full blog is generated instantly on your video website. How cool it is, right?



  jonasmarsh621 02:21 16 Jan 2013

Vain said it exactly right when he said you can go to such websites that give you a free page to display your designs.

On my part, I'd go buy a domain since I can do what I want and design my website to showcase my designs in a way that visitors will come back again and again just to view. Who knows, maybe they'll purchase some.

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