Build My Own Website How Easy

  Solartopi 19:43 31 Jul 2007

Hi Webdesigners,

I want to set up my own websites, ONE for my WRITING & the other for Family History. I have WebSiteX5 from PC Advisor July issue. It says in 5 easy steps you can build your own Website. However, I'm absolute new to all this. Can anyone using this Webdesign Software let me know how easy it really is.

Help would be much appreciated.



  louandel 22:14 31 Jul 2007

it really depends how deeply you want to go into it. basically there are three approaches. 1. coding; 2, using a wisywig application or 3. a little bit of 1 and a litle bit of 2. Unless you are an experienced developer you wont be doing 1. A wisywig(2) application is simply an application that allows you to place things on your page without the bother of using coding. This is very simple once you know the tools of the individual application(I have never heard of WebsiteX5 but I suggest this is what it is).
Its a bit like using MS publisher etc.
However if you do not use coding your choice of what the page will look like is very restricted.
This is why a good wisywig will give you the tools to write coding if you want to.
If this is serious and you want to reach a lot of people and you want it to view properly in all browsers, and you want the look to be sleek etc and keep to w3 standards you need to be thinking about learing XHTML and CSS. If its just a couple a sites where you can hanfg your thoughts a wisywig is probably just fine


  rachwelian 10:36 01 Aug 2007

There are several steps you need to go through in order to have a fully working website...

1. Decide what you want your site to be about.
2. Get together some content for your website.
3. Find a host.

If you go for a host that supports PHP, you can use a CMS (content management system) like Wordpress ( to handle all the coding and such for you... It's highly easy to customise and there's literally millions of tutorials out there.

  Solartopi 15:23 01 Aug 2007

louandel & rachwelian

I'm very eager and enthusiastic to go completely into Building My Own Website. I have seen so many Writing Website & Family History Website when I search in Google and often wondered how they do it & is it possible, I can do the same. Being part of this community of PC Advisor Forums I knew this is the best place to ask & learn.

Ok, let’s start by asking you what is: wisywig sorry for being so uneducated in this area.

I have got a lot on my Word Document I call My Website, like Family Pictures, my writing, few poems, family biographies, certificates, different family documents etc. Of course, all this takes a few pages in Word Document.

I would be delighted to have a website that would reach a lot of people. Where do I begin? It’s a maze out there choosing the right software, Hosting etc.

Your help in choosing these would be much appreciated. Of course, there will be limitation on how much it will all cost.


  P1d 16:49 01 Aug 2007

wysiwyg = what you see is what you get
Basically a piece of software such as FrontPage where what you see on the page is what you see on your website.

I haven't used WebSiteX5 so can't help you there, sorry.

I have used FrontPage which is pretty straight forward to use.

You could try downloading ewisoft's free website builder click here and have a play without uploading it to a hosting company just to see if you get what you are expecting, there are some free templates with it and it's pretty straight forward to use.

There are so many places to buy domain names "ie the www address you see in the address bar of internet explorer/firefox etc) personally I use 1 & 1 click here and have found them extremely useful in the past, although there are others which other people will recommend.

As for a hosting company, I use WebMania click here who offer a pretty good annual package for me and i haven't had a problem with them at all. They offer live support which I've used on a couple of occasions and things have been resolved really quickly. Again there are other companies available.

I hope this helps a little.


  louandel 17:03 01 Aug 2007

ok it sems websiteX5 would be a good place to start. Is there a manual in the mag? If not go to:

click here

This is a tutorial especially for this software. Have a look at it and play around with it. Start by getting to know how the tools work and how you can make things come together Through doing this you can get an overall view of how web sites are constructed.

You will also need, as rachwellian has said, an ISP. When you create your pages on your computer you have to transfer them to a "Server" - or a central computer where the internet accesses them from. I have always found 1and1 click here very good.

You also need an ftp to transfer the files to the server. (if there isnt one with WebsiteX5).
A good one is click here.

You will also need an application to manipulate your graphics. nothing beats photoshop and fireworks but they are both expensive. As a beginner i used Serif photoplus 8.0

for the moment get the feel of the application websiteX5

best of luck and contact me if you want more help


  Solartopi 17:43 01 Aug 2007

louandel & P1d,

Thank you ever so much for your kind Help & advise. I shall start right now getting to grips with my Website building. Yes, I'll definitely make severals errors while trying it all out.

Oh yes, I shall keep you up to date how I do.

Thanks once again.


  rachwelian 12:32 02 Aug 2007

WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get.

A piece of advice, DON'T USE MICROSOFT WORD TO MAKE YOUR WEBPAGES. It adds so much cr*p that you don't need...

You don't always need FTP to transfer files to your host... Let's go over some more jargon

host = the person/company that literally 'hosts' your site on their server and gives it a url.

url = uniform resource locator. click here is a url. c:\documentsandsettings\mydocuments\website\webpage.doc isn't a url the public can access.

ftp = file transfer protocol. it's a way of transferring files from your computer to your host.

If you have any other questions, just ask!

  Solartopi 16:34 02 Aug 2007


I just went in, to have a look at Domain names in 1&1. They are quite cheap, but I'm lost at the suffix at the ends. etc, etc.

Must the Domain name be the same as the website Title? This will be a Family History website.



  P1d 16:54 02 Aug 2007

When you say website title, what do you mean?

The domain name is how people will access your website so if someone wants to know where to find it you just give them the domain name. It can be whatever you think will be best eg. you could call it click here if you wanted.

Hope this helps.


  Forum Editor 18:51 02 Aug 2007

as the website Title?"

No, but the nearer you can get the better. People are now so used to using the internet that they'll try to guess domain names when they're looking for something. For instance, if I was looking for a breeder of purple-crested Andalusian ferrets I would try typing andalusianferrets . com into my browser's address bar. (I inserted a space there to stop our site automatically turning the domain name into a 'click here' hyperlink).

For that reason try to register a name that has some connection with the title of your website - the closer the better.

If you are based in the UK - and I can see from your email address that you are - you should try to register a name with the suffix. You might find that your chosen name has already been registered, so try instead. Be careful about registering something in another domain suffix if the name has already gone; you might get your name, but then find there's constant confusion between your site and the other one - it's far better to register a unique name, one that hasn't already been registered by anyone, anywhere (almost every name you can think of will have been registered in the .com level, but don't worry about that).

If you can afford it, and you're serious about designing your own site, I recommend going for one of the better-known and more heavily featured design applications, like NetObjects Fusion. NOF (as it's known) has been around for years, is regularly updated, and has all the power you're ever likely to need - it can easily match some of the big professional programmes when it comes to essentials. A big benefit is that NOF comes complete with dozens of ready-made site themes, any one of which can be applied to your site with a couple of mouse clicks - you can try out many different looks before deciding. Once you've chosen your theme you don't have to stick rigidly to it, you can customise it almost infinitely. NOF is the perfect introduction to web design, it's easy to learn, and it will have no trouble keeping pace with you as your skills develop.

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