build my own pc

  Aol Hater 21:37 15 Jul 2003

hi all i currently have a 40gb hard disk 384mb pc133 sdram, p4 1.5 processor, 3d profit 4500 tv out graphics card, cd writer dvd drive. and would like to upgrade but i would like to build my own new pc

i want a new case, p4 3.0 processor 120gb hard disk, dvd writer, cd writer, more and faster ram.

how do i go about doing this? were can i get parts cheaper than shops, and can i use some of my old components? as i dont have much money i want to buy a couple of things a month and keep them until i have everything i need.

is there a guide anywere and /or a list of things i need and where i can buy them from?

  howard60 21:46 15 Jul 2003

I would suggest that you go to somewhere like Watford who do a pre built kit of motherboard and chip and fan/cooler and memory. You could then buy a new case, the bigger the power supply the better, and fit all your other bits in around the mobo which comes tested and guaranteed.

while you're in the bookshop looking at programming books pick up a copy of scott muellers Upgrading and Repairing Pc's . to find cheap parts just hunt around the internet (if you have Plastic) when you find a part you want or like find out what you can about the company (consumerwatch here is a god place to ask. there are many more but i've always had good service from dabs(touch wood) and have picked up great bargains intheir b-grade stock just cos the box was damaged.

getting the motherboard you want with a chipset that supports all the things you want should be first priority. but on a budget just buy the good deals whenever you find them and dont be afraid of the second hand market

  accord 21:50 15 Jul 2003

good advise by howard60. thats the easiest and cheapest way of doing the guts of it. it should come pretested aswell.

other places for components are the obvious really:

click here click here click here

have a look in the magazines aswell. PC Advisor of course and PCPro

If you get stuck when putting it all together, there is plenty of knowledge on this forum to guide you through.

  Gaz 25 21:54 15 Jul 2003

Get stuck? Let me know,

  clayton 23:02 15 Jul 2003
  rickf 23:46 15 Jul 2003

PCA ran a series on building your own comp not too long ago. Search the archive.

  rickf 23:47 15 Jul 2003

Also buy your parts from a good fair and you'll save a lot of dosh. I buy all my pc parts from fairs and have never had a problem. They are often willing to give you advise as well.

  keith-236785 08:43 16 Jul 2003

click here

click here

click here

click here

top three i have used, bottom one i havent.

on thursday, go to your local newsagents and buy a copy of Micromart. or click here and search for whatever you want, it returns results with multiple suppliers and pricing.

good luck and happy building.

p.s I personally would avoid a motherboard with the Via chipset, too many compatability issues for my liking. But thats only my opinion

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