build multi room home hybrid network

  markvw1 18:29 08 Jan 2014

I have moved to a new house, and it comes with two Ethernet sockets per room, in all main rooms over 3 floors. This means I can build a hybrid home network solution, not relying only on WIFI.


So the question is what hardware should I buy. I need a router to connection to my VDSL phone input in the basement... but how do I wire this to the Ethernet, so I have internet and hone network access by plugging a computer in to any Ethernet socket. Also in some rooms, I might want to have WIFI access... but not a repeater solution, simply a WIFI access point for that room.

Many thanks for any tips :)

  LastChip 23:51 08 Jan 2014

Impossible question to answer.

Until you determine exactly what you want to achieve, how can anyone specify suitable equipment?

The simplest starting point would be a router and switch large enough to accommodate all your ethernet sockets, then work from there. That would provide access to all your sockets and then if necessary, use wireless access points as required throughout your home, connecting these to your sockets.

  markvw1 01:05 09 Jan 2014

Thank you Lastchip.

Ok, so I have a Synology media server already. I would plug that in to the router directly.

I would then plug the router in to a switch and connect this switch to all ethernet 12 ports (6 rooms) I guess.

In the living room, I have a PS3... So that can go directly in to an ethernet socket. In the 2nd ethernet socket I would add a wireless access point.

So hopefully any wireless or ethernet connected device / computer would be able to see my media centre, network printer and have web access in any room. But now I worry that all of this is hanging off one port of the router (bottleneck?).

The main point here is that I have no idea what router to buy for the basement (where I don't care about wireless), what switch to buy, and what wireless access point to buy, so that it all works nicely together. The telephone connection is voice over IP. I would like perhaps to setup a vpn connection to the router.

I am just searching for general advice / tips because I am new to this.

  LastChip 01:29 09 Jan 2014

OK, you've pretty much got it.

The reason for using a switch (compared to a hub) is the switch is (to a point) intelligent. It can determine which packets go to which ethernet connection. So the "bottleneck" is not as bad as perhaps you fear. There will always be a bottleneck (by comparison) at your Internet connection, as this will almost certainly be the slowest part of the system. Not much you can do about that.

Use any good quality router that provides a gigabit throughput - the same for the switch. You'll probably have to go with a 16 port switch. I can't ever remember seeing a 12 port, but I may be wrong.

You could also decide to use a managed switch, which personally I think is a bit of an overkill for a home network. But it does offer some control and management functions for controlling network traffic.

I hope that helps.

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