Build Gaming PC vs Buy stock one

  Bobbyejones 18:39 23 Aug 2011

Hi All

You guys help a tonne on my last question so I thought I would come to you again.

I'm currently working on a Mac but obviously that is generally useless if I want to play games or upgrade my hardware.

I haven't got much previous knowledge of building a computer but I know how to fit parts and all the basics etc, just not 100% on what I would need.

Currently for starters I have a 2 year old HP Pavilion Tower. Not sure how much RAM it has, Intel VIIv. No dedicated graphics card but all in all it's in good shape but definitely not ready for gaming.

I was just wondering what would be my best option Money and Outcome wise. Would It be better for me to just buy separate components or just go out and buy a ready made box? I have a realistic budget

Thanks a lot. Just say if you need any more information.

  Bobbyejones 18:54 23 Aug 2011


Further inspection, the motherboard as 1x PCIe slot + 2x PCI slots

2GB of RAM ready

ASUS fans.

  gengiscant 19:04 23 Aug 2011

Useful to know what your realistic budget is. I personally go for the build option for several reasons.

A: I get the components I want,from case to fans to heat-sink etc etc.

B: I derive great satisfaction in researching and sourcing the components.

C: Even greater fun putting it together and booting for the first time.

D: Great way to learn about PC problem solving because there are always some, minor and major.

Whether its makes economic sense, probably not but I cannot see me stopping any time soon.

What is the model HP PC that you have now? If it is just 2 years old then upgrading is a possibility depending on motherboard, speed of CPU,RAM, what wattage is your PSU?

  Bobbyejones 19:22 23 Aug 2011

The tower isn't originally mine so not 100% on certain aspects.

HP Pavilion Intel VIIv 2gb RAM PSU is in need of being replaced Motherboard is fairly standard, 1x PCIe + 2x PCI slots ASUS cooling systems

I would very much prefer to build it myself as It gives myself something to do and will evidently give me a better understanding of how to go about problems that may arrise.

  Bobbyejones 22:37 23 Aug 2011

any help?

  Bazz2000 22:54 23 Aug 2011

Mate I would build it. Whenever you look at pre built systems its always the same "well thats good but i dont want this this and this!" when you build your own its exactly what you want and none of what you dont. The only problem I could forsee is software related. Depending on what you have exactly, you might need to buy a copy of windows 7/xp. Whats your budget exactly and does that include monitor or do you not need another. Depends wether you want it to "work" or be an absolute beast. Price is the main issue. :)

  Bobbyejones 23:00 23 Aug 2011

I want it to be a beast, but realistically it'll have to be a tamed beast.

I need to buy at a minimum, a PSU, graphics card and RAM. I have around 500 quid to spend at the moment until a bit more money comes in where I can potentially buy a new Processor and cooling system.

It already has Vista, which will do until I get a copy of 7. What are my best options for the bits I need?

  gengiscant 09:06 24 Aug 2011

How is this for a start?

Mobo: MSI P67A-GD53 (B3)

PSU: Corsair CMPSU-500CXUK 500W

Ram: Corsair Memory XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz

GPU: XFX HD 6870 Dual Fan ATI

That lot comes to £475inc delivery. I am assuming you will be using your existing hard-drive but I advise buying a new one installing a fresh copy of vista/Windows 7 then copying your files across then wiping your old dive and using it as a backup.

You really do not need a after-market cooler as the stock ones that come with today's Intel chips are pretty good, but that is up to you. You will have an optical drive so no need to buy one of those, I do recommend getting a new case as if you are going to build a nice PC you will want it to look good. My Case; [Case, OK that's a little over the top price wise but there are some pretty good cases out there for very little money. If you are a student or knows someone who is you can get an upgrade version of Windows 7 for around £40 Widows 7 far better than Vista in my opinion.

Any questions fire away,I'll definitely get back to you.

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