Build a computer application

  Sillyfool 23:00 13 Feb 2003


I am wanting to build my own computer application. However don't no which programme to use. Therefore, does anyone know of any computer programmes which have a thirty day trial in which I can test and see whether they are applicable for my programme before I purchase this programme.

Any help would be most appreciated. Url's of where to get the trial software would also be most appreciated.

  VoG™ 23:07 13 Feb 2003

What sort of application? What will this program do? What programming languages are you familiar with?

  davidg_richmond 23:15 13 Feb 2003

i use Borland C++ Builder which i got free on a magazine coverdisk some time ago (look around for a bit if you want a bargain like that). its easy to use, lets you add forms and buttons, has an online help with example C++ code too.

if you're a complete beginner try Visual Basic from Microsoft, it is a bit easier to learn than C++.

afraid i dont know which have trials though

  Sillyfool 23:20 13 Feb 2003

The programme is to provide ratings for horse racing.

Basis of programme will need to include database structure but be more developed than Access.



Each Race will be need to calculated for each horse and adjust the ratings depending on the course and the difficulty; the distance and going.

There will needs to be a function to show races not yet run. The races will be include Course, Date, Time, Going, Distance Prize Money and Runners.

Depending upon the number of runners, they will be rows available to enter the horses in the race. Depending upon the Distance and Going and COurse attributes will be entered in for each horse. The system will compute these attrbutes and return a value for each horse.

With regards to the languages it doesn't matter; if need be I will learn the relative language. I would just like to find an appropriate programme.

Sorry, if this post is long. I thought I would include as much information so anyone could help me.

Any help would be most appreicated.

Kind Regards


  VoG™ 23:24 13 Feb 2003

If the database is in Access then program it in Access click here

  davidg_richmond 23:32 13 Feb 2003

with that kind of data input, you are best off with an 'integrated development environment' like Visual Basic or C++ Builder, as they allow you to put spreadsheet boxes into the forms (windows) so you can input and display data easily. you need to supply the code that builds the database behind it though as it is only an input method - if you get advanced with it you can link most IDE's to Access so that it provides the database for you though.

just remembered - books like 'C++ Builder in 24 hours' came with a 30-day trial - it did when i bought one back in 2000, so have a browse in your nearest bookstore for something like that. they are very good at teaching you the basics, though for more advanced stuff you can look at the online help or get an advanced edition.

i have done a bit of database building in C++ holding and manipulating large amounts of customer details and i've found it very powerful.

you may find visual basic an easier language to learn for database structures.

  Sillyfool 23:41 13 Feb 2003

Thanks for the replies.

I will look for trial software to see if I get to grips and it does what i want.

Thankyou again

  Sillyfool 12:29 14 Feb 2003

Thanks I have found a free complier for C++ link below

click here

If anyone else know of any free compliers or trial compliers could you please return a link.

Thnaks to everyone for the help

  Elrond 13:38 14 Feb 2003

try bloodshed's devC++

click here

I use it and its very simple.

Is the free copy of Alpha 4.5 on the latest PCA CD not applicable? I've never used it but it's something for databases

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