Buidling custom PC.

  netherdrake 11:43 25 Oct 2014

Hello everyone.

I want to create a custom gaming CPU. My budget is 500-600 US$, not even single dollar more than this. I want to create a CPU which can run the upcoming games on medium settings with 60 FPS like GTA V, AC Unity and several more.

The build in my mind includes GTX 750 Ti 8 GB RAM But i think this build will concede my budget.

What are your suggestions?

The build should include: Processor Motherboard Graphics Card Memory Power Supply

I will be very thankful to you if you give your builds. Thanks.

By Netherdrake.

  Jollyjohn 11:54 25 Oct 2014

My only comment is that you source the CPU, Motherboard & RAM from the same supplier, making it clear you expect them to work together.

  netherdrake 12:01 25 Oct 2014

That is not helping.

  Jollyjohn 12:10 25 Oct 2014

I do apologise but i have spent too long trying to sort out issues with incompatible parts sourced from different suppliers who pass the customer from pillar to post each blaming the other suppliers components.

Pick the best motherboard you can afford as this is the base and will determine possibility of future upgrades.

Do you prefer AMD or Intel processors - I prefer the AMD platform but could not scientifically justify this choice.

There are literally hundreds of options available so narrow it down a little for us, please, and I am sure you will get better advice than I seem to be able to offer.

  Ian in Northampton 12:23 25 Oct 2014

netherdrake: people voluntarily come on here, giving up their own time, and share what knowledge they have with people who need help. I suggest - strongly - you bear this in mind. If I were Jollyjohn, I wouldn't have responded again. I guess he's just a nicer guy than me.

  Jollyjohn 15:19 25 Oct 2014

Thank you for your support Ian in Northampton, my wife agrees I am a nice guy. I replied out of annoyance.

netherdrake - if you need help, can you confirm a couple of things. You quote a budget of 500 - 600 US$, are you based in the US? I am in UK so there is no point in me searching suppliers here. And, do you have any parts you intend to reuse? You don't mention a case to put all this in?

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