Smigga 11:17 15 Dec 2005

I repeatadly get the above on the blue screen of death!! i have had my computer re formated 3 times but it still comes back after about three days or so. The only usb ports i use are for my sagem 800 fast modem (tiscali) and i have an epson c66 printer, i had no problems with my pc before i had tiscali only since i got the modem. i have since ordered another modem from tiscali thinking that it was a faulty modem but the second one does the same (blue screen of death) what can be causing my usb ports to crash out? could it be a faulty motherboard? please help!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 15 Dec 2005

Try the following:

1. Contact Microsoft for the patch referred to in Microsoft knowledgebase document 331988.
A special note indicates that this is fixed in service pack 2.

2. Enter BIOS and disable Hyper Threading

  Smigga 09:23 16 Dec 2005

Thats strange you say that because the technition i gave it too said that sp2 causes loads of problems, but its a shame he still couldnt fix it after taking my 35 quid. Anyway he was going on about getting a usb card or something like that, saying that it would be usb ports not attached to the motherboard which might stop the problem. But to be honest im sick of paying out for my pc and im just going to leave it broke as know one seems to be able to fix the problem!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:02 16 Dec 2005

technition i gave it too said that sp2 causes loads of problems,

It actually solves alot more problems than it causes and is a must to fill secuity holes and improve USB connection problems, USB2 will not work without it as the drivers are part of SP2.

  Smigga 12:40 16 Dec 2005

When you said you have to go into the bios im not really keen on doing that as i dont know much about pc's and will probably make the problem worse!! so how exactly do i contact microsoft for this patch?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:32 16 Dec 2005

Download from SP2 from click here

Load sp2 and see if the problem is solved before we look at the BIOS.

  Smigga 12:32 19 Dec 2005


It wont let me download sp2? it keeps taking me to the update screen?

  Totally-braindead 12:44 19 Dec 2005

Smigga I have the XP SP2 disk I got from PCA a while back, if you drop me a line using the envelope next to my name I'll copy it and post it on to you. However this may not be the problem. I want to ask you when you say you have reinstalled 3 times exactly what you have done. The procedure you must follow is this. Boot from the Windows XP disk, format the hard drive if you want and set up partitions if you want them, install Windows. Once windows is finished installing put in your motherboard driver disk and install that. Then and only then do you install everything else such as graphics card, printer, broadband router etc if you do not install the motherboard drivers before you install other things it may cause problems. I would also advise installing antivirus software before going on the net for the first time. Sorry if this is exactly what you have been doing but I'm just trying to clarify things.

  Totally-braindead 12:48 19 Dec 2005

I am now wondering if this could be in any way related to your sound problem last week. Did you get a solution to that or did you buy a new sound card?

  Smigga 09:15 21 Dec 2005

My Missus has told me i cant spend another penny on the pc as iv had it in and out the shop every other day spending ex amount of money. So all i can do is try and get advise of you guys and try to fix it that way!! i am totaly convinced its my mother board (FOXCON winfast) i think the usb ports attached to the mother board are bust!!

  Smigga 09:55 21 Dec 2005

Oh and i forgot to mention Totally

it wasnt me who formated the pc it was a technition, so i havent got a clue what he did?

would a new motherboard sort my problems or do you think im being a bit rash?

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