Bug in Windows Media Player 10 ?

  Alan Ryan 17:32 08 Sep 2004

After installing the latest version of Windows Media Player (10), a Spybot scan alerted me to a change in the registry that is concerned with Client ID. This might be a monitor of the use that Media Player 10 gets which Microsoft might want to know about: or I suppose it might be a
"bug" that has infiltrated the download process.
I'm not sure whether to leave it alone and see what happens or to let Spybot get rid of it. Any advice please ?

  Alan Ryan 17:55 08 Sep 2004

If the "bug" I described really was planted by Microsoft to keep tabs on how their Media Player 10 is being used - it would be better described as a "spy"

  rawprawn 18:41 08 Sep 2004

I run Media Player 10, and Spybot with no problems.(XP SP2)

  VoG II 18:45 08 Sep 2004

In Media Player, Tools/Options, Security tab and untick the usage data box.

  Alan Ryan 19:09 08 Sep 2004

I've checked in Player/Tools/Options/Security Tab and none of the boxes are ticked - but I can't find one that is described as the Usage Data : I've looked at the entry in the registry that Spybot is "worried" about- and it's at
HKEY CurrentUser(Long ID number) Software/Microsoft/MediaPlayer/Player/Settings/
Client ID=
Nuot sure if I should let Spybot delete it. A scan using Lavasoft Ad-aware detects nothing to report.

  VoG II 19:20 08 Sep 2004

Sorry, I meant Privacy tab.

  Alan Ryan 19:28 08 Sep 2004

OK Thanks: rechecked the Privacy Tab can't decide which box you mean by "data usage". There are 4 in there and 3 of 'em are ticked but I'm not sure which is the box you are referring to ?

  Alan Ryan 19:31 08 Sep 2004

Sorry in a hurry missed the box near the bottom of the Privacy Tab about data usage - but it wasn't ticked anyway.

  CurlyWhirly 19:32 08 Sep 2004

I think VoG™ is refeering to unticking the "Customer Experience Improvement Program" box

  Alan Ryan 19:41 08 Sep 2004

Yes: I did find it when I looked more carefully - but as I said above, it wasn't ticked in any case.

  bertiecharlie 20:12 08 Sep 2004


Some general information about it click here although this doesn't specifically refer to WMP 10.

Tools/Options/Privacy untick the box "Send Unique Player ID to content providers."

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