Iceman244 16:56 09 Jan 2011

I am trying to watch episodes of an American TV programme on my laptop but the programme keeps stopping and it says buffering in the top corner.
The programmes I am trying to view are on click here
Can anyone let me know how to solve this problem so that I can watch the programmes please?
Many thanks.

  MAT ALAN 17:21 09 Jan 2011

Make sure you have enough memory to make buffer times short. If you can get rid of a few things that you don't need, that will make your memory larger. Start by looking through the task manager and deleting anything that you don't want. Getting rid of any spyware can also free up memory

Close any unnecessary windows while the video is playing. If you're watching a video on Windows Media Player or a similar player, close your browser. Try to have as few programs running as possible when loading a streaming video. This is an easy solution that will immediately improve the buffering time.

  Iceman244 17:32 09 Jan 2011

Can you expand on this more please?

How do I look through task manager or see how much free memory I have?

I am just watching the programme through the actual website with nothing else open or running.

  MAT ALAN 17:41 09 Jan 2011

If you are not au fait with "task manager" you might turn off something you shouldn't, if you are still having problems it could be from the source of the file or your PC is just not fast enough...

click here

  wee eddie 19:24 09 Jan 2011

that your PC is unable to download the File as fast as it is being displayed.

The solution is to download the program and watch it later. Or even delay starting to watch it until it has been downloading for several minutes. For a half hour program, a 10 minute delay is frequently sufficient.

  MAT ALAN 19:36 09 Jan 2011

Thanks wee eddie, that was me next statement, i sometimes have trouble and the simplest way is exactly how you have explained it... Ta muchly...

  Iceman244 19:52 09 Jan 2011

Hi wee eddie.

I have tried to download the file to watch it later but it keeps cutting out.

Can you explain what you mean about delaying watching until it has been downloading for several minutes and how I do this please?

Many thanks

  MAT ALAN 20:32 09 Jan 2011

At this point it might be an idea to post your system specs...

  sunnystaines 09:21 10 Jan 2011

try the free speedbit software it speeds up the buffering, solved the problem on our laptop

click here

[tip....de select toobar on install and deselect speedbit for homepage and search eninge if asked]

  Kevscar1 09:30 10 Jan 2011

Put it on pause, this will allow it to build up. Once the bar is about a third of the way across then start watching. Hopefully it should then be so far ahead that you will only catch up at the end of the program.

  wee eddie 09:58 10 Jan 2011

You beat me to it, by a short head.

That's what I had to do when I had a 'Dial-up' connection.

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