vassos 18:09 10 Jun 2010

Over the past two days, when trying to view videos on Youtube or items on Demand Five, the videos stop every couple of seconds for buffering which makes them unwatchable. I see no way to stop and don't understand why it has suddenly started. Any ideas pls?

  mooly 18:27 10 Jun 2010

Whats your download speed like,

click here

  vassos 18:56 10 Jun 2010

Computer otherwisw performing perfectly normally and as rapid as ever. No real probs there.

  mooly 19:07 10 Jun 2010

A poor internet connection will cause buffering problems, that's why the speed check is relevant.

You an also try clearing your cookies and temp files by going to (in IE),
<tools>, <internet options>, <delete browsing history> from the IE toolbar.

  Sea Urchin 19:21 10 Jun 2010

Try downloading Speedbit Video Accelerator - particularly good with YouTube

click here

  vassos 20:50 10 Jun 2010

Many thanks for that. On reflection, I guess things are not quite as sharp as they should be. I'll do as you say and check up on all connections etc.

  vassos 21:08 10 Jun 2010

Mooly, my download speed is showing 208Kbps & Upload 474Kbps. Any comment?

  vassos 21:24 10 Jun 2010

Did as instructed and now all is well. Mny tks all.

  mooly 12:13 11 Jun 2010

Your welcome, don't forget to tick the thread as resolved :)

The speed of 208kbs (0.2mbs) is pretty slow, particularly for streaming video... obviously a lot depends on your internet connection/supplier and distances from exchanges etc

  vassos 13:33 11 Jun 2010

My internet connection is through cable with Virgin Media and "for me" is pretty fast. It usually works like greased lightning so I won't complain. All is fine now but out of interest, I will run a speed test again as it WAS slower yesterday when I had that glitch. Tks again.

  vassos 13:35 11 Jun 2010

My download is now 9.78 Mbs.

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