buffer underrun

  Dave123 08:07 15 Mar 2004

I have been trying to put some audio tracks (wavefiles) from my hard drive onto CD using roxio adaptec. This has always worked in the past without trouble. I now get buffer underun after about 30secs. I then tried copying one of my music CDs and found that only one track would copy, before it failed due to buffer underun. I had previously installed a demo version of "amazin slowdowner" which allows you to slow a CD down without changing the pitch. The demo version will only play the first track of a CD and the first few seconds of a wave file. So i reomved this program. I can now copy audio CDs again, but cannot tranfer wave files from the hard drive to the CD, due to buffer underun. Any ideas, could it be the slow downer program. Thanks dave.

  hugh-265156 10:48 15 Mar 2004

some things to try maybe:

try a lower speed setting.

shut down any other background programs that are running before burning a disc in case they are interfering with the process.

defrag your hard drive.

try different brand cdr media.

try cleaning the lens.

restart your computer if you havnt done so in a while.

im not familiar with roxio but try and increase the buffer size in the software slightly(depending on how much ram you have,set to no more than about a quarter of total memory)

  Dave123 10:56 15 Mar 2004

thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a go but it used to work fine with settings as they were/are, unless some other program such as the slowdowner program has changed them.


  hugh-265156 11:04 15 Mar 2004

is this xp or win me?

if so try system restore to a date all was well maybe.

  Dave123 11:05 15 Mar 2004

win98se, haven't taken the sp plunge yet

  Dave123 11:13 15 Mar 2004

ps, what i find really odd is that CDROM > CDWriter works fine, whereasHard drive to CDwriter produces buffer underun errors

  hugh-265156 11:42 15 Mar 2004

try defrag use slower speed and shut down anything else.as above.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:52 15 Mar 2004

Maybe the HDD cant provide the data fast enough for the cd/rw drives so it runs out of stored data in the cd's memory,try lowering the writing speed or as said defrag the hdd may help.


  Dave123 11:57 15 Mar 2004

When transferring from CDROM, via the HD, to the CD writer all is fine, so from the HD to the CDwriter should be ok as ok when data comming form the CDROM

  hugh-265156 12:00 15 Mar 2004

are your cd drives on ide2?

  Dave123 12:02 15 Mar 2004

as far as i know, but as i said until this weekend all worked perfectly.

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