Buffer overrun c++ runtime lib

  woody 01:12 06 Apr 2004

I am trying to down load my email with outlook express.
It downloads 176 and then shows "buffer overrun" as above.
To get more i have to close down comp and start again - not restart.
Max 176 emails then same warning.
While it is downloading "avast" picks up a worm "sober" which i tell it to delete.
What can i do to get rid of the buffer overrun warning?

  powerless 01:20 06 Apr 2004

What is the exact message?

Do you have Outlook Express fully updated?

Are you expecting 176 emails?

  woody 01:35 06 Apr 2004

Buffer overrun - caused internal problem must close down.
Then it points to the .exe where avast is stored.
It will load 176 emails and then shows warning.
Today i have downloaded over 800 - at 176 a time.

  woody 01:36 06 Apr 2004

I have been to MS and looked at the update page - i do every few days- no update available.

  bananaslik 09:47 06 Apr 2004

woody r these emails from people u know or r they mostly from the same person.I dont know why it's causing your prob but if these mails r nearly all from the same person i would first-try to stop them coming to u & clogging your system.the reason i ask is that about a week ago i had something similar,i checked my mail & recieved about 400 emails.eventually i went into one & it had the 'to remove yourself from go to here'so i went & put my addy in & told to remove.they mailed me back & said i hat to type 'confirm'in & send it back so i did.
the mail has now stopped.

  woody 01:01 07 Apr 2004

I have now ascertained that my ISP was at fault.
Thanks for the replies.

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