Buffer overrun

  grimreaper 10:43 11 Jul 2004

I use NTL broadband and have just downloaded "broadband Medic" (a self help/diagnostic program). It downloaded fine but when I come to opening it I get the error message 'buffer overrun detected which has corrupted the internal program' which then closes. Can any one please tell me what a buffer overrun is and can I correct it - easily!? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  SEASHANTY 15:47 11 Jul 2004

An explanation on this website
click here

  SEASHANTY 16:03 11 Jul 2004

The most usual occurrence of "Buffer overrun" occurs
in writing audio files to a CD-R. Optical drives are fitted with a buffer, usually 2MB, which holds a store of data coming from the hard drive to be written to the CDR. If the data to the CDR drive is being written more slowly than that suppplied by the
hard drive the overflow is held in the buffer until it can be used. Should the info from the hard drive
be coming in faster than the "buffer" can empty (i.e. the buffer store is at its maximum capacity and info is still coming in faster than the CDR drive can write to disc then a "buffer overrun" occurs. This ruins the disc. Have never come across
this happening on a download before. Usually the reverse (the download times out). Try another download and save the file to "My Documents" or something similar. Then install from there. Guess you problem could be something to do with a download accelerator if you are using one.

  grimreaper 20:18 13 Jul 2004

Thanks Seashanty, but no joy. Down-loaded to a file then installed but the same error message. don't use an accelerator or the like so don't really know where to go from here!

  SEASHANTY 14:52 14 Jul 2004

Hi there. There is another context to buffer overrun
which I was not aware of until I just typed the two words into Google and it came up with the following.
I didn't realise that it was a security problem to do with hi-jacking. Maybe you will find out how to
resolve from these links
click here

  SEASHANTY 14:59 14 Jul 2004

Apparently there is a security patch from Microsoft on this problem. See this page click here

  grimreaper 19:55 24 Jul 2004

Thanks again seashanty, found the patch and dowmloaded ok, but still clumps of my hair pulled out - it didn't make any difference, still we tried. Somebody suggested i get more RAM as this may be the problem .... here we go again!

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