Buffalo External Hardrive

  si67 21:59 17 Mar 2009

Hi all

family member purchased one of these and proceeded to install it without reading any documentation. 2 basic questions I need help with:

1. Theyre running XP pro but chose the FAT32 option to format the drive during install. Main PC is NTFS. Will this causae any problems?

2. Assuming the answer to q1 is no - the drive has install files, log files, and folders all over the place on it. Once installed and back up is running is it safe to either tidy these files into one folder and leave them on the external drive, or take them off the drive to increase space, and keep them on main PC?

Hope that all makes sense.



  InTheCity 22:07 17 Mar 2009

what is FAT32
click here

  [email protected] 22:11 17 Mar 2009

1) Yes, a FAT32 drive will work fine along side an NTFS one.

2) It depends. If you have installed backup software onto the PC from the drive, then it should be ok to move the files. If the software runs from the drive then probably not.

  si67 22:11 17 Mar 2009

Thanks InTheCity...

that article helps answer the question regarding FAT32. Reading that Im wondering why they even offer the FAT32 or NTFS options. Looks like a disc format to NTFS and reinstall is in order.


  si67 22:14 17 Mar 2009

Thanks [email protected] it looks like the software was installed from the drive to the PC... it shows on the PC start menu and runs in the system tray...

Much appreciated.

  InTheCity 22:21 17 Mar 2009

more info
click here

  si67 22:28 17 Mar 2009

Thanks InTheCity got that page from your prevous post. Really informative.

  InTheCity 22:37 17 Mar 2009

your welcome

  Stuartli 23:55 17 Mar 2009

You can convert FAT32 to NTFS. See:

click here

  Stuartli 23:56 17 Mar 2009

Should have pointed out that you don't need to do a disk format and reinstall..:-)

  gazzaho 08:19 18 Mar 2009

I own a Buffalo drive station drive and formatted it to NTFS using the on disk installation software when I bought the drive. A few days later on powering up from sleep mode it wouldn't be recognised in windows, I had to reformat it using Vista's disk management, this destroyed all data on the drive including the included software and the drive still works OK.

Incidentally when installing the drive it copied a folder to my desktop called HD-CEU2_101 with, I presume, all the programs and documents in it. The folder is still on my desktop as I don't want to loose it's contents by moving it back until I'm sure the drive isn't going to throw another tantrum, which I have to say it hasn't done From the original problem occurred, touch wood.

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