budget sound card recomendations

  Davee75 13:26 05 Jun 2003

Hello can anyone recomend a budget sound card for around £20. I have an onboard one that is sounding nasty in games (pc chips 810lmr motherboard, win 98, geforce 4 mx jobby). I have just looked at dabs and the choice is baffling as there are a lot in that price range.

  Sion 14:56 05 Jun 2003

Have a look on ebuyer.com at their sound cards. You should be able to pick up a soundblaster 4.1 at your price range. Or there are the CMI7838 cards, which are not the best, they will provide better sound than your current onboard card.

  Gaz 25 16:19 05 Jun 2003

A cheap audigy Player? About £28

  Stuartli 18:07 05 Jun 2003

I have C-Media's 8738 onboard soundchip which came with my Elite P6BXT-A+ mobo - it is remarkably good and produces some splendid sounds from my £50 IBM 2.1 speakers.

I believe the 9738 is even better and again is very keenly priced.

Went into Dixons today (got a voucher as a birthday present) where the Creative Sound Blaster 4.1 (£25) and 5.1 (£30) retail versions were on offer.

Debated but felt I wouldn't improve much on the 8738, which is capable of rendering Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones etc in clean, crisp and transparent sounding stereo.

It also handles 3~D positional sounds very cleverly (there's a helicopter demonstration if you require) and has SPDF facilities.

  barrie_g 18:24 05 Jun 2003

if you have a local computer fair you should be able to pick up a creative 4.1 oem for about £17-£18

I got my Creative 4.1 Digital sound card OEM from ebuyer for £12.99.

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