Budget desktop build ~£300 - any tweaks?

  Stevoid6000 19:41 14 Jun 2017

click here looking to build a budget home PC for around £300. I'm not a gamer, but want something that will (with easy upgrades) keep pace for a few years. I was trying to build something around an Intel z270 board, but it quickly breaks the budget, so have gone with AMD.

Can anyone with experience (this will be my first build) see flaws in this list, or suggest improvements/cost savings?


  Gordon Freeman 20:11 14 Jun 2017

My personal view is you'll be disappointed with the AMD processor. A £300 budget for a new PC is a bit inadequate imho and you'll struggle to 'keep pace for a few years'. Before you know it you'll be re-doing this exercise. Buy cheap buy twice springs to mind.

  Stevoid6000 22:46 14 Jun 2017

Head to something like i5-7500 on z270 mobo? click here is probably what I want, but wasn't convinced it was worth twice as much.


  Menzie 02:09 15 Jun 2017

The second build is fairly decent especially with the SSD. If speed and responsiveness are what you're after an SSD is essential in my opinion.

What exactly will you be using the PC for?

As to if it will last years, this is largely down to the user as each individual person has their own personal tolerance for what they find acceptable.

Pretty much any computer you'll find out there can do basic tasks. Whether it will satisfy the speed you want while doing those tasks is another matter entirely.

You could also look at the AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs. They are priced well and offer good performance.

  Stevoid6000 23:55 15 Jun 2017

Thank you. The ryzen 5 looks interesting, though needs a discrete gpu. I'll spend some more time on partpicker and snooping on forums!

  Sarah Balfour 08:12 16 Jun 2017

That motherboard is somewhat ancient - that line of GB boards is now in revision H, if I was you I'd spend a little more and get something that's still supported (the list you linked to has a compatibility alert at the top for that very reason).

Never - and I do mean NEVER - skimp on RAM; it's cheap, and is the one thing - besides the CPU - that can really boost performance. If you're wedded to Gigabyte for the MB, then I'd strongly recommend going for something that's still supported. I'd also recommend NOT buying RAM - or anything else for that matter -from Amazon. You'd also need to change the board if you wish to use the RAM you've chosen - it's incompatible. The D3H only supports up to 1333MHz, you'll need a newer board if you wish to use the faster chips.

I'd like to recommend MrMemory.co.uk - they've almost 25 years of experience and - in my experience - offer unrivalled customer service, and their techs really DO know what they're talking about - you won't get that from Amazon! If you explain what your needs are to them, I'm 100% certain they'll be able to help you put a machine together. They don't just sell RAM, either, they do HDDs, SSDs, memory cards, flash drives, SIMs, external HDDs - basically anything storage-related, but I've had good advice from their techs in the past about non-storage items.

I have NO affiliation with MrMemory, except that I'm an EXTREMELY satisfied customer. Yes, it may be a tad more expensive than buying from Amazon, but that's the trade-off for expert advice. They also offer a 100% no-quibble warranty.

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