to delete my name...

  Hypnos 22:34 22 Mar 2004

after a whole day messing about with my email account, i have now changed it to BT YAHOO. the thing is on my main account, my name has landed up in front of the address, so it reads,

from joe bloggs........ where as before it read,

from Magik, with the address magik @

how can i get rid of my name, there is no delete in the options bit..


  Forum Editor 00:36 23 Mar 2004

that you're using Outlook Express?

If so, check the account properties -Tools/accounts/mail then select the account and click on the 'properties' button.

Under 'User information' you should have your name and your email address - leave the other fields blank.

  Hypnos 07:40 23 Mar 2004

hi, yes i am using outlook express, but, now i have made it "" it does not seem to have the "tools" options" on the email side of things, because the mail gets sent from "" or so it would seem....i think it might be best to get rid of any connection with the yahoo thingy, and reinstall OE, in case it has a fault.


  Hypnos 07:47 23 Mar 2004

I should have said, the reason i am using, because mail that i send from my BT account does not get to other BT accounts, even though my PC sends them, so after ringing BT in the end they said it was because i had not upgraded it to bt/yahoo, which i then did, and it still does not work..and yet when i get replies on here (pca) i always get them....

  Bagsey 07:52 23 Mar 2004

I think the email sending icon that you are refering to is the mail tab on IE6 ie. the main page. This is not your main outlook express Go to start and look for the Outlook express under your programs and click on that.

  Hypnos 08:22 23 Mar 2004

this is the bit where it all goes down the kermit, when i go into IE6 then into OE, it is how i want it, but when using is all on the home page, so to send mail it is all done from there..complete with "from..joe bloggs"

this is doing me in :-)



  Bagsey 10:35 23 Mar 2004

Sorry if I am not understanding your problem correctly. But why not go to the outlook express entry at start menu and produce a short cut to it for your desktop. Then you can leave the other email icon alone. Its for the birds anyway. I only use it to check and delete my spam mail.

  Hypnos 10:58 23 Mar 2004

I do realize i am getting a pain in the arris, all i want to do is send mail from OE,i can get mail in, but when i send it, even to myself, it does not turn up, so i rang BT who said, i had to upgrade to BT/YAHOO, which i did, and still no mail being delivered, so i have now used go-back and put the PC back as it to repeat, i can get mail in, the sent box says it has gone, but no one seems to get it delivered..


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:08 23 Mar 2004

Make sure when you send it you check what addy you are sending it from at the top of the page i have gad this where i have sent emails and the wrong addy was in there so it goes and then gets returned or stops on the other addys server.


  Hypnos 11:17 23 Mar 2004 thread has come off the rails, the heading of the thread no loger applies, because i am back using OE.......anyway, I have double checked the address from which i am sending them, and it is right...even the test emails i am sending myself are not getting here..


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