BT/Yahoo email...

  thisisnighthawk 08:23 25 Feb 2004

had a notification from BT/Yahoo about their new email service and stopping spam, they sent the same email 21 times, thats a good start, anyway, has anyone gone down that path? after the complete pigs ear they made out of the BT/Yahoo merger, i thought i would ask first.


  Jakey boy 09:11 25 Feb 2004

I've been with BT (Openworld) for a couple of years at least now, and have had no probs at all! What pig's ear with the merger?? I am with BT Yahoo BB, and have not received any notification of their "new" email service???? Elaborate perhaps?

  Steve- 09:16 25 Feb 2004

I have used the BT spam filter since it was introduced and until the port to BT/Yahoo never caught it out. The BT/Yahoo version has blocked a number of wanted emails but does give the facility of informing them and setting up a filter to pass mail from that source in future. All in all I think I prefer the present setup and as it learns my preferences I am catching it out less & less. The somewhat arrogant way the change was carried out without giving BT customers any say in the matter turned me against the system imediately but it does stop several hundred Spam emais a week from reaching my computer.

  thisisnighthawk 09:24 25 Feb 2004

I have had BT BB since it came out, when they merged the two together bt/yahoo, it all went down the kermit, and BT admitted there were faults, there is a thread on this site all about it, so i uninstalled it all, and now just have BT-openworld, without the yahoo bit, once bitten twice shy.., if it aint broke,dont fix it, sort of thingy...

  shifty 12:40 25 Feb 2004

Went onto Yahoo some time ago and have just had the e-mail update, I don't remember getting a choice of wanting the upgrade or not it just appeared. No problems as of yet in fact for me it is better, the spam filter is working correctly and all of my mail is getting through. Received a telephone call from BT notifiying me of the Yahoo upgrade and was given a 5% discount off my future bills has I had already upgraded.

  dogtrack 16:33 25 Feb 2004

i think you will only have a possible problem if you install the Yahoo specific software. I declined to install it and have had no problems whatsoever. Just registering my 'addy with yahoo.

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