Lillylou 12:41 01 Apr 2004

I have BT Openworld and have been told by BT that I now have to change to and install their software which I have ordered on CD. Has anyone else had this, I don't like the look of it looks like a kiddies website and trying to find my web mail which I never used on Openworld is a nightmare.

  edstowe 13:14 01 Apr 2004

I've had this BTYahoo thing for ages. I just ignore it and carry on as before.

Just because they say to have to install it doesn't mean you have to use it, despite what they try and tell you.


  Lionheart ? 14:57 01 Apr 2004

I just make use of the BTYahoo Spam filter.

  edstowe 15:04 01 Apr 2004

Err, yes. So do I but that is all!

Remember, though, that the spam filtering is not 100% efficient and you still should use Mailwasher or ePrompter or simialr to catch the ones that get through the net.


  Lionheart ? 17:54 06 Apr 2004

Err, use ePrompter to catch the ones that get through.

  hoverman 18:08 06 Apr 2004

It has been said several times in this Forum - it is NOT compulsary to install the BT/Yahoo software. This was confirmed to me by BT Support some time ago.

  Simsy 18:17 06 Apr 2004

going via the BT site...

and it didn't like the Opera browser. The way round it is to go strait to the yahoo mail site on

and enter your FULL email address, (eg "[email protected]" not just "someone"), and password. This then works fine.

I've not installed the Yahoo software.



  MIke 18:25 06 Apr 2004

I did install the BT Yahoo software but soon got rid of it as I didn't like the way it worked.

I'm using good old IE 6.

You can however set your homepage to click here
Which is much nicer than the old btopenworld .com page, it can be customised to,for example, include contents of your btyahoo briefcase and give direct access to your e-mail.

In other words a sort of diluted version of their own browser running on IE


  flick 18:41 06 Apr 2004

It's also woth notingif you use Outlook Express, that the spam filter sometimes puts emails you actually want into the bulk mail folder which you can only access via Yahoo mail.

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