BTWebcontrol, Trojan??

  tristar 14:29 28 Jan 2006

I've just run the MSAntispyware programme, and it's come up with a warning, 'BTWebControl' Trojan.

Now, I use BT as my ISP, is this 'Trojan' just my internet connection - or is it something more sinister?
Would appreciate advice.


  stalion 14:55 28 Jan 2006

download hijack this to it's own folder,run it and post your log on the malaware forum
click here
click here

  tristar 18:52 28 Jan 2006

Thanks stalion; according to a google search it IS a trojan. I've quarantined it using the MSantispyware which recommends removal. Is it safe, do you think, to let the MS programme remove it? It seems the easiest way.

I've downloaded hijackthis and will post a copy of the log to the malaware forum.
Er, where is the malaware forum?

Thank you for your help.


  rsinbad 19:05 28 Jan 2006

post hijack log to stalions second link

  tristar 19:12 28 Jan 2006

Thank you.

  beevale 08:50 01 Feb 2006

I also quarantined this item then contacted BT helpdesk who assure me that the btwebcontrol.exe is part of the broadband system and should NOT be deleted. Return to your anti-spyware system and unquarantine this item. OK! You can program the spyware to ignore this as it is not a threat to your system .

  tristar 19:20 01 Feb 2006

Thank you, beevale, for the info. I'm still awaiting a reply from BT tech.
But I feel better knowing that.

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