BTOpenworld - and computer hangs!

  Diemmess 09:44 20 Sep 2003

A friend who lives 15 mls away has an old computer I gave him, used for Word Excel and Internet. Not a sign of enthusiasm for computers as such, but asks me when things go wrong.

I don't use or even understand BtOpenworld which has been working for him in the past, though he really doesn't seem to make much use of it surfing for information. ......... Another friend of his had set him up with Norton AV and he says this is up to date. He is using Windows 98SE.

His problem seems to be that when he tries to collect email the thing goes into a loop saying it is collecting email for him and keeps listing yards of them!

I think at this point he loses control of the computer, and can only escape by switching off.

He has not been able to find any of these emails that were supposedly downloaded.

I have suggested he tries to find some opening screen in BtOpenworld where he can configure it or at least reset the defaults. So far it seems no success (his wife tells me, he of course was out!)

Hope to be able to offer a plan when he phones this evening, but can anyone point me in the right direction?

  mikef. 10:06 20 Sep 2003

Looks like he may have a very large email that is blocking his download, I presume he is using Outlook Express, if so he can try using the email on his Openworld home page. There is other way's and I'll try to remember how, but a phone call to the help desk would give him an answer.

  Diemmess 12:39 20 Sep 2003

As an Aol person - I know I use IE in the background, but don't have to be aware or know how to work Outlook Express, so am grateful for all suggestions which I will copy and pass on to the sufferer.

Is there a set-up page as there is in Aol, where choices are offered about sending, receiving, opening mail and downloading attachments?

  mikef. 13:14 20 Sep 2003

Yes go into tools in OE and then set up how you want the most important probably is remove any tick from the attachments box under security and he could also remove the tick from Automaticaly download message........... from the Read section a lot of people do, this may also possibly solve his problems.

  Diemmess 14:09 20 Sep 2003

Yes mikef - may well be the answer. ........ I've only had one shortish conversation with him about this trouble, and hope I have understood the problem. ......... In spite of the loop declaring endlessly the stuff that is being transferred (and will not release control), if he goes fresh to the part where he expects to find all this email, there is nothing new waiting there!

  Diemmess 07:51 21 Sep 2003

The sufferer phoned last evening as his wife had promised.

I discussed your suggestions with him, and the idea of getting online to sort it via the etc appealed to him.

Half an our later I had an excited phone call saying that it worked.

He had about 8 out of the eleven promised emails delivered including a weird advert for 118 stuff.

He deleted all that he didn't want and best of all when he went online again everything cleared and responded normally.

Great stuff - mikef and sicknote take credit for a problem solved.

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