Btinternet keeps asking for email password

  pangloss 12:46 07 Jun 2014

I am using Thunderbird for my BT accounts email. One of them continually asks for the password; the other is fine. I recently deleted and then re-entered the account settings for the one that is misbehaving but to no effect. The error message says:

"Login to failed

then 3 buttons: Retry Enter new password Cancel"

Entering my password does not fix it permanently. What could be the answer to this problem?

-- Paul

  SparkyJack 17:15 10 Jun 2014

several things to try

  1. Use the 'fogot password routine snd enter the current pass word--no go?

2-- ditto above create new password- observe the capitals and numeral use rule-- must include both. any joy?

Go through the restup routine - Email/phone number/post code/mothers maiden name/ follow the links --no luck?

3 Go to BT home click on my BT click on live chat- do you know how to use that ?

The helper [in Delhi] will talk you through a resetup.

They will ask the same questions as above and when all is done give a tempory psswaord which you can keep or chane for a BRANDNEW one dont refer to anything used previously.

  wee eddie 18:57 10 Jun 2014

It cures itself after a while

  Jollyjohn 13:38 11 Jun 2014

It usually cures itself after a while, it is a BT / Yahoo issue. It is not Thunderbird, LiveMail, Mac Mail or any other eMail client issue.

In the mean time go to and click on EMail near the top right and log in directly. This also confirms your password is correct.

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