BTHome Hub Wirless Problems.

  luke. 14:28 05 Apr 2010

Hey, today my wireless from my Homehub hasn't been working, on my laptop or for my PS3 but they work when connected with an Ethernet cable, I was wondering if this had anything to do with it, [click here] As I come across it while getting to here. I've also got a friend in England who is having the exact same problem so I think it may be a problem related to the flood, anyone else having this problem or got a fix?

  mgmcc 17:58 05 Apr 2010

If you can get online using an ethernet cable, then there is *NOTHING WRONG* with your internet connection - flooding doesn't come into it.

The problem is the wireless connection between your router and the networked devices. If all devices are affected, I'd suggest performing a "hard reset" of the router back to factory default settings and then set it up again from scratch.

  rogercorke 21:27 05 Apr 2010

Someone's recently started a new wifi near me and it keeps connecting with my laptop without me asking it to do so.Every time I switch on, it 'bullies' its way to connect with my laptop and I have to disconnet it before logging on to my wifi. What can I do about this?

  luke. 22:00 05 Apr 2010

If you go to the network that you are connecting to and go to it's properties, somewhere there should be an option for automatically connect, untick that.

Will have to wait until tomorrow to try anything, as my dad is away and he has the hub password.

  proudfoot 17:16 12 Apr 2010

It sounds to me that you have something interfering with the channel you are using.
Try changing to another channel.

Are you running an encrypted system, if not anyone can connect to your system,

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