BTC DVD Rewriters

  Sharpamatt 09:06 28 Dec 2003

Has anyone experianced any problems with this type.

Ive now had two and after a few burns they refuse to read any type of media ??

  Sharpamatt 18:39 03 Jan 2004

seems no one wants to answer this

  carlos 18:48 03 Jan 2004

Bought one.....went well for one DVD playback, then screwed up. Took it back( to much suspicious looks) and took another one. Similar problem.Tried to download the "patch " from their site......waste of time( thank God..if I'd attempted to upgrade firmware I'm sure I'd ve been stuck with a useless DVDmulti) Put it into second PC....went well for a couple of goes then..similar problem. Took that back too! Got my money back. They didn't believe me of course" everyone else that's bought one havn't had any problems" So? I have.They thought I was a "problem customer". I then bought a Liteon +R/RW. Never a problem since.....waste of two weeks work. Thats PCs lol
Good luck

  carlos 18:49 03 Jan 2004

BTW...have you checked out their "site"??? No other comment , in case FE deletes my post ;-)

  Sharpamatt 20:26 03 Jan 2004

Glad to see Im not only one, Dont know what this site BTW is??

I traded my BTC for aMSL but havent put it in yet.
I do know from checks that Power Producer ( Bundled with my BTC ) has problems including patches and disableing etc.

Anyone else had problems

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