BTbroadband disconnecting with router HELP

  akimi 14:09 15 Jun 2005

I thought that i had a problem with my router(belkin adsl wireless g) but i have discovered that it was BT that seam to be disconnecting me and then my router re-dials and connects again. Its getting very anoying, especialy because i want to game online!
I dont think BT want anything to do with it, because im not using there Bt Router. Anybody have any ideas why they would be dropping the connection all the time or what could be causing it, i haven't a clue

usernames + passwords are correct.
Idel time has be tested at 0 and Max
MTU is 1400
dial on demand is also ticked

  Gaz 25 17:27 17 Jun 2005

Try the MTU at 1492

Also, get BT to run a line test, or increase your lines gain.

  Gaz 25 17:27 17 Jun 2005

Also, check your using filters.

  rockerbilly 02:37 02 Jul 2005

Have you had an upgrade recently? Your BT line maynot be able to support it. Also increasing gain is purley for the PSTN side of the line, it won't effect BB in any way.

  sidmo 16:13 02 Jul 2005

disconnect your router, shut down your computer and disconnect all connect your router, switch on your computer and see if you can connect and stay connected without any phones being plugged in, then re-connect each phone one by one.

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