BT Yahoo suddenly not remembering login details

  mooly 15:34 19 Aug 2011

Have used BT Yahoo for a few years, and today after clearing browser history (IE9 Vista) by using IE's own tools I find BTYahoo email will not remember log in details. Done this a thousand times before and never had this happen. Strangely the BT forum also fails to store my details although ALL other sites do...

IE9 brings up the "remember login details" tick box as normal. Also ticked "remember me" on the BT login page.

Does this sound like a BT site problem ?

What is odd is that if I restore to an Acronis image made 24 hours ago it all works OK. Only when I delete browser history and then input my login details does this problem happen. As soon as I exit IE and open it again the Yahoo login is lost.

If I don't delete the history on the restored image it keeps working until I do.

Hope that makes sense :)

  Graphicool1 11:58 20 Aug 2011

How long have you been using IE9? It sounds to me that this is the culprit. Have you set up what it cleans out and what it leaves? I keep IE9 only because without it you can't get tghe Microsoft updates. My main Browser is Firefox and as of yesterday 6. I too use Yahoo to do my browsing. But the cleaner has always been CCleaner, for many years and I don't have any trouble with lost login details.

  Snrub 13:17 20 Aug 2011

I have noticed BT Yahoo and other sites requiring more frequent log in and suspect it is IE9 browser issue. I check the save user name and password which pops up on IE9 at the bottom of screen so all I have to do is Key in first letter of user name which brings uo full user name and password which can be ticked for quick access. Just a couple of key strokes so no real issue.

  mooly 11:56 21 Aug 2011

Thanks for the replies folks...

I have been using IE9 for a few months now...

Strange to say the problem corrected itself into Saturday with absolutely no intervention be me. Now back as before such that if ALL history and cookies are deleted and you log in once, it's back to remembering the login details as long as you select "keep me signed in" on Yahoo and say "Yes" to IE9's prompt. But it was doing all that before... just that it didn't work.

I can only surmise it was an issue with BT site or some weird server error.

Thanks for the replies.

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