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  iqs 18:53 07 Mar 2004

hello.i finally have my bt yahoo b/b up and running.this was due to the assistance of the pc advisor forum members...every thing seems ok except when i try to watch some of the music vids available .for example when i click t,im informed that the web page is temporally also states to check your browser all must of seen this page at some point.its just so annoying that evertyhing was working fine last any feedback appreciated.thanks iqs

  bremner 19:20 07 Mar 2004

Best guess is you do not have Java or if you have it is not enabled.

From the Yahoo Video site

"You need to double-check that Java and JavaScript are fully enabled in your browser"

  wsdxh09 00:52 09 Mar 2004

Hi..I changed over to bt yahoo browser and have had the same problems,click on any of the music or news links and it freezes, have to ctrl/alt del etc..then fire up browser again...also when on web pages with links to other sites, try to click on them and its exactly the same.(if I type them in its ok)
Running on win 98,downloaded the latest java, disabled just about every other prog,contacted the help desk they suggested I try fix explorer (which I had tried) they then gave me a link to msn fix page, went through all of the fixes,still no use. I now use the old IE6 which comes up with the lower half of the yahoo browser and the old faithfuls on the browser bar(inc History)

  iqs 21:40 09 Mar 2004

today 9-03...9.45pm,no problems with bt yahoo.the only time i can use this service is at night.during the day no chance.maybe i should of stayed with aol dial up.same speed all day.

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