BT Yahoo mail unable to delete spam

  compumac 13:29 02 May 2012

Win 7, BT Yahoo mail - I am finding specifically on my one PC that when accessing the Yahoo e-mails and clicking on the spam folder, selecting the e-mails to delete and then clcking any of the three options to delete- nothing happens. Sometimes a dialogue box appears "asking are you sure"and replying yes, does delete them, that scenario seems to be occuring far less frequently. If I go onto any of my other PC's I do not have a problem. How can I resolve this difficulty? I thought that there might be an option within BT Yahoo to repair but have not found anything.

  p;3 20:11 02 May 2012

If this only occurs on one machine a question might be .. do you have a pop- up blocker on that machine that maybe stops a dialogue box from appearing on the server ?

That said, have you tried to use Mailwasher so you do not even need to access the server itself to preview and eliminate the spam emails?

  compumac 22:06 02 May 2012

p;3 No popup blocker and it does not happen every time. I have three PC's all with the same configuration and programmes and it is only happening with one.

  Peter 00:14 03 May 2012


Perhaps the confirmation window is sometimes getting hidden behind the main window?

Try using Alt-Tab is navigate to the hidden window.


  Peter 00:17 03 May 2012

"Try using Alt-Tab is navigate to the hidden window."

Should read "Try using Alt-Tab to navigate to the hidden window.


  mooly 08:21 03 May 2012

I use BT yahoo.

Just a thought but as it is web based I wonder if your PC is working hard on other things (either intentionally or not) and that it is "stalling" when it is dealing with requests to and from Yahoo.

Might be worth seeing what your CPU and RAM usage is when it's misbehaving.

  compumac 09:06 03 May 2012


No it is not hidden.


Will look at that when it happens again.

  Snrub 11:41 03 May 2012

Hvae you thought of downloading new copy of BTYahoo toolbar from

  compumac 20:00 08 May 2012


I think that your answer was probably right in respect of the PC busy doing other things. If I select the e-mails and then click on delete immediately they are sometimes deleted, but not every time.

I now select the Spam e-mail messages and then wait until the cpu is just ticking over and then click on delete and they are deleted every time.

I just wonder as to why this has only started to happen recently

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