BT YAHOO - GOOD or BAD move?

  FRANKMAC 23:16 03 Feb 2004

I have been with BT Openworld now for over 14 months, and have had a faultless service with great speed & download speeds.

They are converting their service to BT Yahoo...does anyone here use the new BT Yahoo service, any problems etc..etc..

A friend said that the built in browser they use has caused problems on his PC

Any comments are very welcome.

  Forum Editor 23:37 03 Feb 2004

with the formation of the new partnership, except that BT Yahoo is running a portal - hence their desire to encourage existing BT OpenWorld broadband customers to switch.

I am one of those customers, having had a BT OpenWorld ADSL service since the day it was first introduced. I converted to BT Yahoo when it was first started too, and haven't had a minute's trouble. I don't use the BT Yahoo portal, so I can't comment on that.

  pc moron 23:55 03 Feb 2004

I converted to BT Yahoo (broadband) in Nov last year and have had no problems whatsoever.

You don't have to use the customized browser or any of the other software on offer- I declined the download when I converted from BT OpenWorld to BT Yahoo.

I'm using plain old IE6, Outlook for e-mail and my own choice of firewall and AV.

  Ironman556 00:16 04 Feb 2004

Have just swapped from BTOpenworld dial-up (signed up when it was BTInteret). They've been good most of the time although did go through a bad period of not being able to connect just before they became BTOpenworld.

I never use the auto-setup they give you, so if you're worried about browser issues then configure your connection manually, it's easy and the info's on the site, although they do often make it tricky to find.

I switched to Pipex Broadband a few months ago(click here), the service is great and they email me even when they're going down for less than a minute due to BT doing maintainance on the exchange (which is rare). Connection is almost always instant and never slow, can't fault them, and cheaper than most ISP's too. The main reason I didn't go for a mainstream ISP (AOL, BT, Freeserve etc) is that they often seem to have more users than they can cope with so connection and download rates become slow. I have a friend with Freeserve who often has to wait half an hour to 2 hours or more to get connectedm and quite often gets dropped at peak times. I also have a relative on Tiscali broadband (just moved over) and although the service is usually pretty good they notice that often the transfer rates drop significantly, sometimes as bad as 56k dial-up.

Having said that, I know no-one on the BTYahoo broadband service, and there'lla always be stories of how good & awful the service is.

Sorry I've rambled on a bit.. one more thing I will say though is that with the higher price of Minstream ISP's you get extras thrown in, firwalls, AV's etc. I've found Pipex just give you 11 emails, the connection and great customer support. Anyway, whatever you chose. have fun!

  Giggle n' Bits 00:52 04 Feb 2004

mainly poor technical support as they are now using a call centre in India.

Switching over to BT Yahoo was fine for me, until I started to use their new software! This turned out to be a Beta version which has many many bugs in it. Most of these have apparently still to be fixed. As far as I'm aware no new software has yet been released.

Their technical support is diabolical. It can take hours to get through, they have no idea what they are talking about, and they never call back they they promise they will. Even the BT Complaints Dept can't get any joy from them so meer mortals like you and me have got no chance.

My advice would be to avoid the new software like the plague. As pc moron says above, keep using your normal software such as IE6 and OE and you should be okay.

  FRANKMAC 10:55 04 Feb 2004

Many Thanks for all of you that have replied, some good & bad comments .....

Seems as I suspected , that the browser and other software can cause problems.

Thanks again

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