BT-Yahoo GeoCities

  mbp 13:39 16 Sep 2004

GeoCities provides a FREE web hosting site. With the combination of Web Photo/Briefcase, and the use of links, you have 115 MB web space to use for your web site. Why is this FREE Web space, for those who have BT-BB, been so overlooked? It puzzles me!

  Forum Editor 16:07 16 Sep 2004

what you mean by 'overlooked'. Who has overlooked it?

  mbp 19:10 16 Sep 2004

Although I see interests, in various forums, in finding (free) web space, and interest in web publications or designing, I have not noticed much mention of BT-Yahoo GeoCities. There must be a least 1 million people who have BT-BB, but very little discussions on whether it a is good or bad site or any problems associated with it! Why? And is it possible to browse some of these GeoCities sights? Any URL's?

I have also scoured the web to ascertain if it is possible to buy more Geocities Web space, from BT-Yahoo, if one needed it. I have drawn a blank. Anyone know?

  mbp 09:30 17 Sep 2004

Being new at Web designing and posting etc, I feel that being given 15 MB of free space plus the possibility of linking to 100 mb of web albums or briefcase, would allow me to mess about and learn. Should I produce a masterpiece, I might be encouraged to buy my own web site, but if it is a flop, then I have not lost very much, have I?

Yes, I realize it is not free. It is there included in the overall cost of the package in BT-BB. But it allows me to experiment for no additional cost. I know I haven't been there yet so I cannot comment on GeoCities Ads. Surely it can't be so intolerable as to put people completely off? 22:53 18 Sep 2004

simply because of the adverts that keep pestering, and the sidebar which keeps filling with ads while knocking part of your site off the screen. Also, the length of the URL you are given is a bit of a bind.

  mbp 11:50 19 Sep 2004

So what do you use Barry, and how much space do you get and how much does it cost? Actually your objections are minor considerations seeing that it is free, or comes free with the package.

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