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  Al94 22:18 17 May 2006

Just set up a friend on BT Yahoo, first time computer owner. He wanted to use MS Outlook for email as it is what he had got used to on parents PC. No problem with that but the issue is that BT's antispam seems to be so strong that it is putting all emails from companies eg Easyjet booking confirmations and even mail from personal addresses into a folder of quarantined mail so dont appear in Outlook. If he goes in to BT Yahoo he can move these to the inbox and it seems the software will "learn" what is not spam over time but in the meantime the only way round this seems to be to disable their antispam, OK as he is a new user but could become a problem. Time is a bit limited for me to play around with this for him at present - and BT users got experience of this and any tips?

  [DELETED] 23:16 17 May 2006

I have BT Yahoo ; as you say, it does have, on the server, a spam/bulk box; what I have done is to occasionally physically check the server, especially if you might be expecting a mail and it has not arrived; you then open the server and check the bulk mail box, open the wanted mail and tell the server it is NOT spam ;that will put the address etc in the in box and therefore available to upload to your machine; (I also utilise mailwasher and use OE); you could also I guess try mailing the BTYahoo postmaster, but suggest the best option is to check the server? maybe others have different suggestions to offer?meanwhile, it has reminded me to check my server as a mail I have been expecting has not materialised and may be in the spam pot!

and , would not suggest disabling the spam block but just check the server for the time being and perhaps invest in mailwasher

does that help?

  [DELETED] 23:24 17 May 2006

I use BTYahoo and have got to agree accept for a few hicups it works pretty well, but as said on the last post chech the bulk box as occasionally you get emails you want in there

  [DELETED] 23:31 17 May 2006

a point; I have just checked my server; the spam box gets emptied by BT regularly ( every few weeks), so adviseable to check server for a while to reclaim wanted mails, especially if mails are expected but apparently not arriving

  Al94 23:57 17 May 2006

So there is no way to adjust the sensitivity then?

  [DELETED] 13:13 18 May 2006

Hi, I use outlook for mail with BT yahoo. I can't find a way to adjust "sensitivity" other than to educate the system to allow what you decide isn't spam.The time for retention of junk can be set for 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. What has worked most of the time is to add wanted senders addresses to the adress book.I'd recommend you NOT to turn off the spam filter.This is probably one of the joys of web based mail!! Regards, yaesu

  [DELETED] 17:09 18 May 2006

I suppose another way might be to disable the spam option on the server so all mail presumably goes to the inbox; however, if you also invest in mailwasher
click here, it will scan the inbox on server and you can educate it to what is spam and what is not, and delete from server the spam stuff and download from server what you want;you can also safely preview your mail in the server in mailwasher ( as I do)and sort the nasties from the wanted;
my suggestion might be to disable the spam option so all mail goes to the bt inbox as mails are evidently not going to where you need them; take on board the mailwasher, then use it to check the server for spam, which you then remove from server before downloading the mails; does that make sense?

  [DELETED] 17:12 18 May 2006

just to add to that ( OH for an edit button)mailwasher itself will delete mails from server when programed by you to do so, so all you get on your PC are the wanted/needed mails:)

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