BT Yahoo e-mails not displaying on Android units

  compumac 09:58 01 Apr 2019

I use BT Yahoo e-mail mostly and find that today BT Yahoo is displaying my e-mails OK on my main PC and my laptops, but all of my Android units, phones and tablets that also display those same e-mails do not show any of the the e-mails for today at all.

Similarly I use Microsoft Outlook and that also does not display e-mails for today . My Gmail account works perfectly OK.

Any suggestions?

  KEITH 1955 10:46 01 Apr 2019

You seem to have the opposite problem to me , I had to put yahoo mail app on my tablet because the Samsung email app would not sync. On my pc mozilla thunderbird cant talk to the bt server and if I go onto the server itself I get the standard "we have a problem bubble"

As a bt customer , like me , you cant do anything about it. Over the past 6 months at least this has become a regular problem , everything works ok then for a few days the bt server refuses to talk to anything. Ignore the problem comments on the home page you can still look at emails clicking the top right email tab , yes its a pain but the only choice is move to another isp ….. am thinking of doing just that.

BTW... if you ring the help desk ( in india ) you will hear loads of operators in the background telling customers they have a virus , to the best of my knowledge this has been their stock answer for at least the past 16 years.

  compumac 10:53 01 Apr 2019

Keith 1955

I have only had this happen this morning in all the years that I have had a BT e-mail account.

On the Androids today it just does not synchronise.

  compumac 15:13 01 Apr 2019


I have tried all manner of things this morning and suddenly -

Bingo, it now seems to function correctly in that all units can see up to date e-mails.

I do not know what I did, if anything , but..............

  KEITH 1955 15:52 01 Apr 2019

you did not do anything ! bt seems to be more trouble than they are worth I have had nothing but problems ever since I have been with them , I am currently writing to steam and all other games companies to ask how I access my accounts using the email address of another provider , ready for when I decide to quit bt.

there home hub is on version 6 and until recently they refused to give me version 5 ( I was using version 2 ) and only caved in when I said version 5 free replacement or I quit to another company.

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