BT Yahoo Dialler

  Bandy 20:40 23 Nov 2003

Has anyone had problems with the BT Yahoo new dialler

Just installed Xp on my computer, manually installed dialup only to be told my account wasn'r recognised and to download the new dialler.

Did that but can't get past the darned upgrade pages.

Tried it on two other machines only to get the same problem

By the way the old Openworld dialler still works on another drive with 98SE on it

Anyone any ideas?

PS How do you kill Messenger on XP Home, I can stop it but ut comes back on reboot.

  keenan 21:16 23 Nov 2003

This link may help click here
kill messenger click here

  keenan 21:33 23 Nov 2003

Sorry first link not much use to you & can,t get past click here

Re-check the your dial up settings and user id, are correct and retry using the 'new connection wizard'.

  Bandy 21:33 23 Nov 2003

Thsnk you for the Messenger link I'll use it in a minute,

The other link is the one that gave me the problem with the dialler.

  Bandy 21:38 23 Nov 2003

That's exactly the problem.

I've managed to bypass it on one machine with a manual setup however I would still like to know what the problem is with the download.

I've emailed BT but they often take a few days to answer, but I'll leave this open and let you know the response.

  misery 19:33 26 Nov 2003

I had the very same problem and it was only when I actually read the dial up connector that I realised it said "[email protected]"!! Just put in my log on name and all O.K.

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