BT Yahoo connection problem

  Kevin61 06:43 21 Apr 2007

Can anyone help me please!

I have been trying to connect to my BT Yahoo Broadband account through the BT Yahoo Broadband icon on my desktop but everytime I enter my password I get one of two error messages, either "sorry the attempt to sign in failed" or "unable to connect to server, please check your connection before trying again". However,I am accessing the internet through IE7 and can access my emails on Yahoo perfectly fine therefore, I don't believe I have a hardware or conenction problem. If I run the Router Manager it says "no router or hub found" but, I have green lights are on my voyager 210 router. This has been going on for a week now so, any ideas please?

  p;3 06:58 21 Apr 2007

I am on BT BB with an adsl vogager USB connection ;do you have an internet explorer icon on your desk top ?what happens if you click on it?

  Kevin61 07:12 21 Apr 2007

Thanks for your reply. I don't have a IE icon on my desktop, I access IE through the "start", "programmes" etc. I have attempted accessing BT Yahoo through this route however, I still receive the same error messages.

As I said in my original posting, I can access the internet so, I do believe this is either a BT problem or, a software problem. I tried disabling my EZ firewall but that didn't sort it.

I am using a ethernet connection.

  p;3 07:14 21 Apr 2007

are you trying to access your mails on server?

  p;3 07:18 21 Apr 2007

if so try this link to log in

you will need to have your e mail address and your password ready

click here

try that?

  Kevin61 07:20 21 Apr 2007

Not too sure what you mean. For the last six months I have signed in to BT yahoo through the BT Yahoo Broadband sign in box (i.e. [email protected] and the password). As this now doesn't work, I access the internet through IE7 and sign-in to my email account through bt Yahoo. So, I can still access my emails and get on to the internet but, through a different route. I hope that makes sense!

  p;3 07:28 21 Apr 2007

of interest, when did you switch to IE7?

and have you tried the portal I gave above? or is that one not working for you?

  Kevin61 07:36 21 Apr 2007

I switched to IE7 about two months ago and after a few .DLL problems the same as many others, it has been ok.
Thanks for the link. yes, it does work and that is how I am accessing my emails. Therefore, I can access everything it is just frustrating that I can't access the emails and internet from my BT Yahoo icon and, when I run the BT Help software or router manager, I get all of the error messages.

  p;3 07:44 21 Apr 2007

ok; on that link I gave you put it in your favourites and send a copy of it to your desktop , thn you can click on it when you need it?

are you only using web mail or are you going to use Outlook express for all emails? and download mails from server to your computer

of interest, can you right mouse click on your BTyahoo icon and look at the properties section? what if anything does it say?

  p;3 07:50 21 Apr 2007

also try this

I am on win 98se so hopefully your ??xp will behave similarly?

go to start/programs/intenet explorer/then right mouse click /select 'send to'/desktop/ok

you should then have a shorcut on your desktop FOR access to IE

  Kevin61 07:54 21 Apr 2007

This is where the icon points to:

C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\browser\ybrowser.exe"

Thanks for the solution to get a link to accessing on the desk-top. I do only use the web mail and not outlook express or download from the server to my computer.

Do you have any ideas on the error messages I am receiving and that the software doesn't recognise that I am connected to the broadband? I have considered re-installing the BT software from the installation disk. However, having read some of the other postings, this doesn't seen to resolve many problems.

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