BT Yahoo cannot recover original set-up

  Diemmess 18:28 19 Sep 2004

My son has a Pay As You Go acct. with BT.
Just over a week ago (for different reason) I needed to reformat and re-install W98SE for him.
Though everything else runs sweetly the ISP stuff is miserable, defying all attempts to re-establish a usable internet connection either by leaving installation to sort it or by forcing the old number upon it.

Have tried the premium helpline which gave a freephone window of 24 hrs to follow through. They even phoned my son's mobile from Mombai, but it was just going round in circles.

Have re-installed W98 again and this time made a Ghost image before trying all through installation from a "virgin system"

My granddaughter in the same house is fine with hers (a sub account of her father).
So was the connection from my house (a week ago)
It would seem to be location or computer specific, which it is not supposed to be.

Any ideas, before I try harder to "sell" my son the idea of Aol which IS site specific, but I am at home with that and have never had connection troubles.

  hellred 19:32 19 Sep 2004

If this was a pay as you go customer, why dont you just set up a new account from scratch, thats the simplest way to sort this out.

All you need to do is get a CD from a Retailer and connect.

  Diemmess 19:51 19 Sep 2004

That is one way, but would mean losing the present screen name.

My question stands. Why does this happen apparently with one computer at a particular address, when it will work at my address or a second computer at their home address?

  hellred 20:17 21 Sep 2004

Are the dialing properties set with an area code and is that currently selected to use this when dialing out ? If so untick this and use the accsess number only.
You sure user name and password is correct?

What is the number of the error code you get when dialing out ?

  sicknote 21:59 21 Sep 2004

click here#
then click on register now,
Next screen click on the get online with pay as you go.
On the lower right of next screen it says If you are already a BT Yahoo! Internet customer and just need to re-install your dial-in software, click here.
You will asked for your e-mail and password which will then allow you load the new dial up software

  Diemmess 07:21 22 Sep 2004

CDs of all data apps.and drivers at the ready......

Format and reinstall everything bar BT.........and a Ghost image of C:

Run the BT disk picking up the old pay as you go account. Same result, a confusion of unreachable numbers which differed from the original and the one in Dial-up network.

Restore image (a day later) this time run brand new BT disk, very difficult to find the p as y go account. (could this be BT policy?). After a struggle, it now works except that it only starts when using the BT shortcut, not on clicking Outlook express as it used to do.

Son is doing this himself and keeping me posted, but is far from convinced about the stability. He has this theory that BT don't like losing his account to Sainsbury's!

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