bt yahoo broadband problem

  User-7818DD9B-D021-4E39-A5827E24C36453DE 01:06 10 Oct 2004

i have bt yahoo broadband installed on laptop and desktop.cannot access b/band on l/top now keeps saying invalid password phoned bt help line two nights in a row followed all advice given including running spybot and adaware, still no joy. phoned currys helpline only advice given bt account needs to be reset ? l/top indicates modem is connected but yet i cant access internet

  JonnyTub 01:12 10 Oct 2004

don't you have to add the laptops mac address to your account? this used to be the case with cable up until recently (telewest anyway), sorry i can't be of more assistance.

  end 01:18 10 Oct 2004

when you have the lap-top connected to the BB have you tried phoning the service line for a test signal to be sent down the line; and what happens when you power up the lap top, do you get the arrows or computers icons on the screan; and presume you do not get the "dial-up" box?

laptop was running fine with bt yahoo internet untill thursday . running xp home with sp2

used bt nethelp before calling bt helpline and had result on screen when i phoned them now cant access nethelp dial up box comes up click on user icon put in p/word comes up invalid

  Noelg23 06:56 10 Oct 2004

its clear the problem is the password, but I think there is more to it...have you networked the PC and the laptop to share the connection or have you installed the modem on both and swap from one to the other? I need more info here....

  end 08:40 10 Oct 2004

what happened on Thursday?
I have BT broadband on both of mine, but not networked, (and I am using good old win 98se )

what happens when the dial-up box appears?

??have you changed phone numbers...

on mine, your username and phone number are the things that are checked for "validity".or is the problem that you cannot access your e mails?

and is the BB cable or whatever you have got actually firmly pressed into its socket?

(my lappy refused to open any page , to discover that my cable was not firmly in the socket!)

modem is switched between computers. all connections have been checked.even swapped modem cables

phone number still the same. all connectins fine.
i click on bt icon dial up box comes up. i then click on my user icon put password in the d/down box. it looks like connection is takeing place, then box appears saying password invalid. if i point mouse on the twin computer screens it saysconnectedgives speed and number of bytes sent and received. only thing that happened on thursday was l/top switched on and this problem started. the l/top is used mainly by my wife as she is disabled

  Noelg23 13:55 10 Oct 2004

do you have Win XP on both laptop and desktop? does the password box say something like 'to change password click here'? if so thats probably where youre going wrong cos the password is already there...

xp home on l/top. xp pro on d/top
i have not tried to change my password

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