BT Yahoo Broadband Keeps Diconnecting

  gplatt2000 17:26 21 Feb 2005

Hi all. Lately (last week or so) my internet connection keeps disconnecting, for no apparent reason. I heard (soemwhere, cant actually remeber where/what exactly now) that this was a problem with BT, something to do with one of their exchanges? I know a lot of my friends were having the same problem. I was just wondering, has this been sorted?

Because I still seem to be having the problem. Although not as bad (used to disconnect me as often as every 2 minutes or so, now it'll just be a few times each hour), it is still extremely frustrating! I get the error message 'error 680: no dial tone'.

I'm using XP SP1, with BT Yahoo 1mb broadband, using Zone Alarm firewall and Avast antivirus. If you need any more info please let me know.

Any help would be great, I cant seem to find anything about it on BT's site, or on the forum.

Thanks a lot


  Bapou 18:59 21 Feb 2005

click here For Service reports.

  gplatt2000 19:11 21 Feb 2005

Ah cheers for that, couldn't seem to find anything like that when I looked, obviously didn't look hard enough! Can't seem to see anything on my area though (01756) :(

  Bapou 20:32 21 Feb 2005

Try searching on the BTYahoo Broadband Home Page and clicking on 'My Services' - Help. The FAQ's could be helpful to you regarding error messages. If the problem persists seek help at 0845 600 7030. I've used this number to seek an answer to a problem and the cost of the call was minimal.

  Graham ® 20:44 21 Feb 2005

Broadband drop-outs have many causes, but are rarely due to an exchange problem.

As you say this is a recent problem, have you added any other USB devices? Telephone devices?

Has BT checked your line?

Can you try from the Master Socket internal socket, which will disconnect all your internal wiring?

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