BT Yahoo Broadband Home Page

  RDG 20:06 07 Feb 2005

For those of you who followed this subject recently I have finally found the answer as to why I could not connect in to the BT Yahoo Broadband home page.

BT had without informing me put me on a special offer when upgrading from ISDN to Broadband. This is a suck it and see idea whereby I can try 512KB BT Yahoo Broadband upto May 2005 on my existing BT Yahoo Internet rate of £15.99 per month.
In May I can decide to either retain BT Yahoo Broadband full service and pay the full rate or take a new lower speed offer of 150KB with max download of 1Gb per month. This service will be called BT Yahoo Anytime Plus.

If this had been made clear in the first place I wouldn't have wasted so much time ! BT subsequently changed something so that when I log on now I get the BT Yahoo Broadband Home Page but
BT Billing still shows me as a BT Yahoo Internet customer. ( I can live with that now I understand what is going on)

Perhaps this will help someone else in a similar position.

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