BT Yahoo Broadband and Firefox.

  dogbreath1 19:43 19 Feb 2005

Does anyone have this service and browser running together. I've just noticed a radical change to the view of my Yahoo email home page on signing in. No other regularly frequented web page appears any different including Hotmail and various forums. Just Yahoo. Incidentally, when using the FF extension IEview, the Yahoo home page appears 'as it should'. It seems that it's either a FF issue or that the Yahoo home page has now been written in IE specific code! Any ideas please?

  VoG II 19:53 19 Feb 2005

Does click here help?

  pc moron 21:33 19 Feb 2005

I'm with BT Yahoo! Broadband and I have both IE6 and Firefox (version 1.0) installed- when I had version 0.9, things looked a litle different.

I can't see any difference on either my BT Yahoo! Homepage or my webmail page, whether I use IE6 or Firefox- it all looks the same.

  dogbreath1 23:46 19 Feb 2005

Thanks VOG and pcmoron for your responses. Having just read through my post again, it doesn't make as much sense to me now as it did when it was first composed! A key (and missing) piece in the jigsaw is that I've been running FF and BT Broadband together for many months without problem. Earlier today, on accessing my email, the home page (after logging on) looked radically different to the norm. and some buttons didn't work. VOG, I've read through your link in detail, the log-on pages in the links are identical to how mine has always been under my current settings but the rest of the scenarios are not familiar. Additionally, speed tests confirm that my current BB operates (down stream) at 1MBps. BT have notified me of an imminent (FOC) upgrade from 1MBps to 2 MBps (anytime from 17/02/05) so I've been monitoring my connection speed. Almost as soon as the problem appeared, it seems (at least for the moment) to have been resolved. I posted the thread, nipped out with the better half (for a pint and a Chinese meal (as yer do)) and on my return, my home page appears to be how it should. Over the last couple of days I've noticed a few anomalous p.c. thingies, all inconsistent with the norm and all seeming to go away without any action by me. So I'm keeping an eye on matters and judging by my recent experiences, I think that I'll be posting again soon!! Thanks again to VOG and pc moron for taking the time to post.

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