BT Yahoo Broadband

  exdragon 19:11 04 Dec 2004

Can I ask a silly question before I opt for this?

Can I still use Outlook for my emails and do I replace the modem I currently have with the one BT supply?

I've got XP home

  Diodorus Siculus 19:13 04 Dec 2004

Use outlook? Yes - you may need to change the SMTP server to BT.

Modem? Yes, you should be able to use the one BT provide.

Are you moving to a Basic service? If so, you will not get any smtp authorisation.

  exdragon 20:14 04 Dec 2004

No, it's the 512, 15GB monthly one with 11 email addresses, £26.99 a month, but I can get it for £8 less for a year as I'm a BT pensioner. Well, I could if I could find the wretched site again!

  exdragon 22:18 04 Dec 2004

Thanks, I found the employees offer page. The one I was looking at is the £26.99 one - do you reckon it's ok? I'm a BB virgin

  exdragon 08:40 05 Dec 2004

Thanks for that, chaps, I'll go for it

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