bt voyger modem problem

  steven_frost 16:49 23 Dec 2003

my internet contection keeps dropping after ever 10 mins anyone got any ideas

  [email protected]@m 16:58 23 Dec 2003

First question to ask is always = Anything else connected to the same USB hub?

  Djohn 17:01 23 Dec 2003

How is your modem connected to your PC?

1) through a direct connection at the rear.

2) through a PCI card at the rear.

3) through a hub.

Also do you have any other USB hardware connected through the same port.

Which O/S [Operating system]

  steven_frost 17:01 23 Dec 2003

i have 4 ports on the back of the pc one for the scanner which is switched off and the power turned off

  Djohn 17:02 23 Dec 2003

Evening [email protected]@m ;o)

  steven_frost 17:04 23 Dec 2003

modem is a bt voyger modem usb conettected to the pc

  Djohn 17:16 23 Dec 2003

Hi steven_frost, It seems you missed my questions! ;o)

The little information I have on USB and modems is that your USB ports will deliver 500m/amps of power with a +/- of 5 m/amps. The Voyager modem is a good quality modem but at times will require the full 500 or slightly more.

If your USB is only providing 495 m/amps this will lead to your connection dropping. One way round this is to buy a Powered hub. Connect the modem to the hub and the hub to one of your existing USB ports. This will provide full power to the modem at all times and give you an extra 3 ports to use as well. Cost approximately £20.00.

Regards. j.

  steven_frost 17:18 23 Dec 2003

not had a problem with it before the motherboard is brand new and is usb 2 only had this problem today and have had broadband since march

  Djohn 17:22 23 Dec 2003

OK, No problems since March. Motherboard is brand new. Have the problems started with the install of the new motherboard?

  gold 47 17:22 23 Dec 2003

Using a BT Voyager 100 with AOL running XP had a problem at first ie couldn't open pages or the connection would drop it was my Preventon firewall
that caused the problem changed to Zone alarm pro
works fine now couldn't say if this is the fault in your case though.

  steven_frost 17:24 23 Dec 2003

nope that went smooth

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