BT Voyager200 broadband router firewall

  igk 13:37 12 Aug 2004

I have 3 pc's on a wired home network.all run winxp pro,all are up to
date M$ wise,all have zonealarm (free version) and all have up to date AV
(MacAfee) I have just set up BT Broadband with the Voyager200 router and all
pc's are working the internet fine,my question is do I need to enable the
router firewall as well? I have looked at the setting options and to me they
are from non existent (low) to over the top (high).the only thing that
concerns me is that pre broadband I had a 100% stealth rating with
click here (shields up) but now the test shows that I am visible through
ICMP Ping this according to shields up is a security risk. Please could some
kind person advise me on this. Many thanks in advance.

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