BT Voyager Modem 105

  patsyanne 07:51 04 Oct 2005

If i do system restore back to a time before i downloaded the new drivers for my BT Voyager 105 modem will i have my old drivers back ? cause i have had nothing but problems since i downloaded new drivers for this modem and on Aol members help page they are saying with the modem i got i didnt need to have new drivers and those that did download them are having the same problems as me .
It looks like "watchdog" are going to do a program on Aol and they are all emailing the program about the problems they are having with Aol

  MAJ 08:08 04 Oct 2005

Yes it should remove the new driver, patsyanne, but if you go to Device Manager, and right-click on your modem's entry, choose Properties and go to the Driver tab, you will see the option to "Roll Back Driver", that will get rid of the new driver.

  patsyanne 08:18 04 Oct 2005

MAJ i tried doing roll back driver but it doesnt work cause i unistalled the old driver cause aol said too ! would system restore take me to the time when i had the old driver ? thanks

  MAJ 08:48 04 Oct 2005

Ah, now you've got me a little stumped, I'm not sure now that you've uninstalled it. Why don't you just re-install the old driver? you should have it on your Voyager CD, obviously uninstall the new driver first. If you don't have the Voyager CD; can you you remember the driver version that was installed, it might be downloadable from somewhere.

  patsyanne 09:02 04 Oct 2005

I just tried system restore and it makes no difference to the Modem driver . I go look for the cd with the old drivers on but i think i threw it away cause of having new drivers .thanks

  Diemmess 09:17 04 Oct 2005

Are you really sure you threw it away?

The original Broadband kit included a red coloured card folder containing the whole installation on an orange coloured "Easy Install CD" .......This has the magic words "IMPORTANT please keep this CD....etc....."

  patsyanne 09:23 04 Oct 2005

I found a cd with modem drivers on it that i had done thinking that was the old ones so i unistalled the new drivers and have now managed to install the new drivers again ! clever me .i not sure waht to do now cause i am constantly loosing connection ,i never had this problem before these new drivers got installed it was working ok and if i go on the Bt website that directs me to Aol modem drivers which is the new one .i am so completely fed up with Aol must look to see when my contract runs out .thanks for your help

  feb 09:52 04 Oct 2005

Hi patsyanne

Have you installed the sp2 patch?

go to AOL keyword "xpsp2"

  patsyanne 09:53 04 Oct 2005

feb yep done that but tried doing it again just incase and it says i already have it .

  feb 10:10 05 Oct 2005

which was the new driver you installed and did you use the doctor 100.exe file to uninstall it?

Have you tried downloading the 105 driver from keyword "driver" uninstall your present driver and install the new one, then as you start the aol software it will need to redetect your modem and you will need to insert a location name, this can be anything, when online download the patch again.

this may sound like something you have already done but it is a fresh start with the known, correct driver and will only take about 20 minutes to complete

another thought, what firewall are you using?

  pat-212841 10:26 05 Oct 2005

Oh so fed up with it now ,there is no way i can get the old driver back,i have been on aol message boards and it seems i didnt need to download this update alot of peop-le have and are having problems as well, but aol told me i did ,a guy on the message board there gave me a link that was dated 4/05 for a driver so i installed that one but its just the same as the new one ,
I am flying to India tonight i am there for 6 months but this computer will still be being used and i did hope to leave it running good which it was before this modem driver update .

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