BT Voyager 2110 headache.....please help stupid!!!

  willywanka 17:03 08 Aug 2007

Hi Guys.
First let me apologize if this has been discussed in previous subjects but im just fed up!!
Right, My ISP is AOL Broadband and i was previously using a speedtouch USB adsl modem.
Just purchased a Playstation 3, but to get online i need an ethernet connection so i thought i'll get a wireless broadband modem.
The BT 2110 got good reviews and when i got it home, straight away the PS3 picked it up.
Good i to get the PC online with it.
Took the USB leads out, power lead into new modem, grey adsl lead into the filter and ethernet lead into the a wired network port on the modem and the other end to the PC port.
Was supposed to be easy......reset the PC and because you cant open a browser window from AOLs main software (unless its online), i opened Mozilla Firefox's, typed 'voyager.home' in the address bar and up popped the connect screen.
Asked for the username/password which i did and pressed connect.
Thats the problem it wont connect, wont reconise the modem and no software comes with the modem.
Really annoying!!
The power light, DSL light, wireless light and the wired network port lights are green but still wont connect.
Any ideas as everyone who reviewed the product said it took 10 mins to install and im rolling into 3 hours now!!
I know im doing something wrong but what?
Wouldnt mind, but it is an ADSL modem, so surely it should be easy to connect.

  hereford456 17:34 08 Aug 2007

Have you been on the modem makers site to download the latest drivers?

  Ashrich 20:40 08 Aug 2007

Have you entered all the required details for connecting to AOL , like your AOL user name , password , whether it uses PPOE or PPOA etc. click here for the necessary details .


  willywanka 08:42 09 Aug 2007

I'm checking the info you guys have left now.
Sorry to be a complete twit, but all this networking is new too me.
Another silly question...can i set up the modem and connection just through my Ethernet network card or do i NEED to have a wireless adapter to set the connection up?
Reason I've asked is that on certain websites, it uses article like 'Switching from USB to Ethernet' which the latter is suppose to be more reliable.
Gutted if i still have to use a USB to get online still!

  Fawaz 08:42 09 Aug 2007

For username put you aol username i.e. [email protected] (including the and your aol password.

  Fawaz 08:44 09 Aug 2007

You need a built in wireless card or a usb adapter. BT have a relalyg ood one, that works really easily with the BT Voyager 2110. It's a Bt Voyager 1055. I personally stick with the ethernet connection. By the way, I have a PS3 :D

  Ashrich 22:32 09 Aug 2007

It is much better to set it up via a Network card and ethernet cable , that way you always have a connection , when all is set , and you have enabled your wireless security you can then disconnect the cable and re-connect wirelessly .


  willywanka 11:36 10 Aug 2007

Ok thanks guys for your help, and many thanks for the link sorted out my connection.
Problem i now have, is the PS3 fines the modem but wont connect to the internet because of an age old problem with DNS servers.
Tons of PS3 onwers seem to have this problem also.
I also cant get my 'ipconfig' to open on my windows xp.
Even my DOS prompt screen cant be used.
I mean, i can open the DOS prompt within windows but DOS wont accept any commands.
This is a bit of a problem as that could help out with connecting the PS3 to the internet as the ipconfig will show several IP and DNS info for my computer

  Ashrich 21:46 10 Aug 2007

The AOL DNS server is ...


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