BT voyager 2100 Wireless Router

  Hamish 13:36 25 Jun 2005

Does anyone have experience of the above mentioned router. Thanks

  Magik ®© 14:05 25 Jun 2005

i have the 2000 voyager, whats up?

  Hamish 14:59 25 Jun 2005

Sorry, May not have made my posting clear. I was planning buying one and wondered if how good or bad they are and if easy to set up.

  Minkey1 15:47 25 Jun 2005


I've got one-due to a good write up in WU Reviews.

Compared to a simple USB adapter network I had before, I'm delighted with it. Great being able to have the main PC off but still surf/print via the family laptops.

Works fine in a duplex apartment, and before that in a largish det house, tho both were new builds so can't comment on older houses/solid walls etc.

Set up was easy tho I've left security at "Hide network name" and "specified MAC addresses only".

Mine came as a kit with a laptop adapter and a PC slot card. I havn't used this as the router is on my desk so I've connected it to the desktop via ethernet cable.

Settings are via a built in IE type interface - there's a CD but this only has a manual on it.

All in all, nice piece of kit.


  Magik ®© 15:52 25 Jun 2005

best thing since sliced bread, all set up and running with two laptops in around 15 minutes, took longer to get it out the box, and it works ace,,

  Hamish 16:35 25 Jun 2005

Thanks Minkey1 and Magik ®© for that information

  StevePW 16:49 25 Jun 2005

I originally got a wireles router (I think a Belkin but not absolutely sure) and it would not work to one of the childrens's rooms upstairs.
I took it back and swapped for a BT 2100 and have had no problems.
Hope that helps

  HondaMan 17:02 25 Jun 2005

I have just bought one after endless trouble with a Linksys. How I wish that I had bought one earlier.

No dropped network connections or internet connections. Connects in about 15 secs on startup and I can use it anywhere in the house or garden with no probs at all.

Go ahead and buy it!

  Hamish 19:22 25 Jun 2005

Thanks again

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