BT Voyager 210 Help

  Bittercoast 09:43 28 Jun 2006

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a BT voyager 210 from E-bay, to replace my voyager 100. The only thing was, there was no set-up cd-rom with it. I can manually download the drivers from bt, but i think, i stil need the cd etc. Is there any site, u can download it from?. I have hunted throught BT etc.

  ade.h 12:01 28 Jun 2006

How come you can't configure it through the browser-based config interface? I can't recall the IP for Voyagers; it's normally one of two types - 10.0.0.* or 192.168.*.1

  Ed Case 12:12 28 Jun 2006

Type voyager.home into the address bar of your browser and you should get into the configuration settings.

  joshuahedges 10:39 17 Jul 2006

I assume the BT Voyager 210 is only produced as a router mot as a broadband modem aswell. I have just upgraded to the BT Voyager 210 router from the 205. I used to configure the 205 quite extensively. To the point, in fact, that i have been able to do without AntiVirus products for several years without falling prey to any.
Anyway all voyagers can be accessed by typing in your web browser, but if you want to configure a router completely you need to access it in it's raw form by going through a 'Telnet' session. Just open a command prompt and type >- telnet
it will ask you for a user name and password. The default is <username> admin <password> admin or nothing. You MUST change this for security. Anyone can access your router's configuration until you do.
I do not know of a place that you can get specific help on the Voyager 210 router, but for the Voyager 205 you can get help at the following URL >- click here
If anyone knows of a place to get help for the 210 perhaps they can post it here.

  Bittercoast 18:13 19 Jul 2006

thanks all for answering. I have kinda located the problem. I have windows xp, but i can't get my computer to recognise the router. I have uninstalled my voyager 100, and installed all the various drivers etc. But the 210 isn't getting the signal.I know I have to do something in windows to enable or switch, but not sure what. Sorry for being a newbie, just started tinkering with computers. Any help would be grateful.

  ade.h 18:33 19 Jul 2006

Routers do not install.

They do not use drivers or software and the client PCs do not see the router directly; they only see a LAN connection. Some routers are supplied with setup CDs, which may be mistaken for software and presumed to be neccessary (which they are not).

When you enter the IP of the router - which is also the starting IP of the network - the router will recognise and respond to it by displaying the configuration user interface. On the client, this process is handled by TCP/IP.

  Bittercoast 19:00 19 Jul 2006

ah right, think i understand a little now. Ill will go poke around alittle etc, see what i can find. Thankyou for the info.

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